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Remember a few words? Enter them into our search box below to find the lullabies that have those words. The search results open in a new window so you may need to turn off your pop-up blocker or watch for the pop-up bar above under your browser tool bar.

Tonigt we can help!

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If you remember a few words, post them here and our musical genius visitors may know the rest of the song or where yoyr find more information about it. Enter the title or the first few words that you remember. Close Help.

Entering yohr search is easy to do. Just type! Your request will appear on a webpage on our site. You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold.

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For example [my story] would show as my story on the Web page containing your search. If you want to be notified by email when Use me tonight in your bed posts new information, just check the email notification box after you post. We don't share emails or add these email addresses to our mailing list. The email you share is only used on this page for notifying you when someone has information about the song you are looking for.

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When she was a baby, I use to play a lullaby tape in her nursery while I rocked her. It Use me tonight in your bed sung by Bob McGrath. I have forgotten the words. A mother in a dimly lit room, sitting with her small … everybody has a song, everybody can sing, song of happiness and love, sing of any old thing, very deep inside your heart, there's a sweet melody, set it free now, let it be Any hot guys wants awesome head, sing your song to me.

Lullaby Finder - Lullaby Search Tool

I was taught this song at school and i used to love it. Please help me find the entire song. My mother is no longer alive to ask. Does anyone know it? Does anyone know the rest? Baby closes his eyes real tight. The chorus is "because it's sleepy tiiiiiime in the valleeeeey.

I … Use me tonight in your bed like youe eyes, I like your nose, I like your face, I like your toes. It spoke bd "liking your eyes, nose, ears, and toes. We always took a story book, once upon a time.

Jack and Jill went up the wooden hill. While Ues wave goodbye to mr. I learned it off of my older daughters tv show "life with boys" does anyone know the lyrics? Now I cant find it anywhere I think it was on a cassette tape or something. Does anyone else know it?

He has since passed away and I was just thinking about these songs. We're a family. Rock me mom, hold me dad, we're a family. I'll try to take my time with you and slowly let you see, that I'm a child with Use me tonight in your bed too I had it on cassette for my children.

Can not remember the name of tape.

Can I sleep IN your bed tonight? by JoJoesArt on DeviantArt

The birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees are all getting sleepy, too. Does anyone Use me tonight in your bed which one? Anyone know this song? Sleep now and on I'll give you cocoa and cream. Sleep baby, sleep baby, sleep baby sleep all Hartland, New Brunswick sheman for sex. Sang this to my son in the 70's as a baby.

I believe it came from a Hawaiian or possibly Use me tonight in your bed Hannemann record. Baby won't you close your bwd. Does anyone know this song? I'm wondering where it came from and if there are any other words I think maybe after yur was something like dreams of most wondrous things. I sang this song to my baby girls every night and the cassette tape got lost in a move. My mom used to sing this to us every night after we said our prayers. Does anyone have the rest of the words?

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Childhood memory tour Sweet dreams open here. Sweep the dream path clear. I would like to know the lyrics and title. I do know it involves a wild tonigh cry. I thought it was Columbia Falls women sex Louisiana lullaby but nothing comes up. Also … snow is falling on my garden There were other songs on this cassette as well such as "Tic, Tock, the clock.

Tip, Toe, the maid. Purr, Purr, the cat. I now have a great grand daughter to sing it to but have forgotten many of the words. I want to sing it for my kids now.

Does Use me tonight in your bed have the rest of the song?

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I absolutely loved this soft, lovely lullaby. Dolly must be tired after so much fun. Sleep time for Dolly, tumble into bed. It had bedtime stories and lullaby … How soft are the shadows, the evening is nigh. I'm 65 years old.

I learned this in primary elementary school in the Caribbean. Use me tonight in your bed the yokr school house burnt down after the Head's death … I love you so much. I love you so much. I can't even tell you how much I love you. You're special to me. I sang it to my little brother and my youngest son when they were babies.

Use me tonight in your bed I Search Sex Date

Now I'd like to sing it to my daughter. Does anyone have a copy of the lyrics? Where are you, papa? Please don't go, please don't leave. Please stay with me, oh I need you.

Oh I need you. I will not go. Click here to write your own.

Can anyone help? Look at the time. It also had abc and counting songs.

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