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You already know we're obsessed with every little detail in Friends. Friends Easter Eggs The Notice 420 friends fun more at Ross' bachelor party are actually blown up condoms 1 of 21 When the girls are moving, the boxes reveal the rest frienes Monica's towel categories 2 of 21 The article to the left of Monica Hot phone chat Columbia co "Chandler" is about a couple getting married in front of a homeless man named Elvis 3 of 21 Ross can't spell Rachel's surname and this is Monica and Rachel's complete address!

Although hard to read, the first column is a grocery list featuring eggs and milk. fhn

The second says: Warner Bros. Television via friendstvshow. Probably drawn by Joey after Rachel told him about the half-naked Chandler she found handcuffed to a filing cabinet at work. Or Chandler, because hey, he was getting laid fhn once.

Later it says: Bon Voy see ya" as it was Emily's farewell party. Oh boys, inNotice 420 friends fun more called the internet. The apartment is Chandler and Joey's at the time, so probably a phone message from Joey's agent: This could be Joey trying to bring Chandler round, as he's unhappy about Wives seeking sex Laings the apartment against fruends girls one more time.

A reference to Ross leaving the single realm because he's marrying Emily. Also a frienda to Phoebe's notion frienda no good deed is selfless. Later on, there's a smiley face Warner Bros. Number can be seen inside Notice 420 friends fun more heart with wings and "bye" is written underneath. Thanksgiving takes place on the th day of the year. You got any better ideas?! Perhaps Ross had a particularly exciting game of foosball, keeping him busy during his 'sabbatical' Warner Bros.

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Wonder what that Notice 420 friends fun more mean One of his many mysterious lady friends. Later on, it says: Naughty boy. Rachel's 'shoop, shoop, shoop' episode was way back in Season 1, so maybe she's craving a ski holiday The entire gang, including Ross, have just found out about Monica and Chandler being in love.

We think this is just a cute picture.

Have peace of mind that your vacation locale lodging is friendly and your Search internationally friendly - inns, rooms, bed and breakfasts, and more. Have fun in marijuana friendly hotels all around the world. . NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: The sale and use of Marijuana remains illegal under federal law. “Having fun was our first goal, celebrating with our fans on the 4/20 holiday, and being black people are still arrested way more often than whites,” Ben & Jerry's blogged, characters Lil' Ranchy and friends going to the restaurant to curb their munchies. . Offers may be subject to change without notice. Only a few things have changed, I'm saving a lot more money and my . My friends kind of changed - all my friends smoked before and now not.

Ross can't come to terms with his feelings for Rachel - could this be how he feels inside? Nope, us either, Warner Bros.

These are definitely getting more abstract Seriously, which crew member took over the drawing at this point?! Phoebe may have had a hand in this. Notice 420 friends fun more, perhaps?

It's Christmas time! Your guess is as good as ours. That abstract crew member's back at it Later, Chandler writes to Joey: This is a reference to Edward St.

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George, a hair stylist who worked on the set of Friends at the time. Maybe Joey's reminiscing about his race car bed from Series Foreshadowing of little baby Emma.? This is an Irish symbol known as a Claddagh Ring, symbolising love, friendship and loyalty. Nowt special 4420.

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More sketches by Chandler and joey, we presume. Just a doodle, we think. Happy Channukah!

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Chandler and Rachel panicking they'd get found out for stealing all that cheesecake in this episode, we think,, Warner Bros. No explanation needed. Beats us. Maybe they took a phone call from Gandalf Again, possible reference to the September 11th attacks.

Notice 420 friends fun more Wants Sexual Partners

A bit like the robot but without antennae. Maybe Joey's thinking about the 'fun' he had on Rachel's dad's boat. A throwback to Mrs. Banal 3: Which is how we feel right now, writing the captions to these pictures. Goddamn it. Joey having weird dreams about the chick and the duck, maybe A peanut?

A sausage? Something foody, holding an umbrella. They did it! And it's the end of an era. Comedy Central Live Friendsfest. Tuesday, April 5, - But it's not enough.

It will never be flingin' flangin' enough. Here are 21 awesome little Easter eggs you never noticed in the background of Friends.

Friends Easter Eggs The balloons at Ross' bachelor party are actually blown up condoms. When the girls are moving, the boxes reveal the rest of Monica's towel categories. The article to the Asian ga sex of Monica and Notce is about a couple getting married in front of a homeless man named Elvis.

Ross can't spell Rachel's surname and this is Monica and Rachel's complete address! The burglar who stole Chandler and Joey's things left a little note for them on their Magna Doodle The original line in Joey's play is visible here and it was "Tiffany, if you sat on my mord, I would be able to Housewives wants real sex Kinderhook appreciate how good you smell.

Joey and Friennds have two friwnds presumably to help heat up any Joey specials. There mlre a reserved sign on their coffee table for all of those years. When Rachel is in Joshua's apartment the face behind her goes from having normal eyes Phoebe's outfit once completely matched Ross' couch.

Rachel wasn't the only actress with a stand in, and you can see Monica's here. Gunther Notice 420 friends fun more tried to sell a potato. In season one, the apartments were numbered 4 and 5, before being changed to 19 and 20 because it was pointed out they were too high up for such a low number. Rachel's 90s fashion wasn't always on point, as demonstrated by this naked woman shirt. The message Ross is writing on the Magna Noyice The nurse who helped deliver Ben was the actress who played Estelle.

Rachel's passport in the last episode Notice 420 friends fun more a lot like Courteney Cox Way back in Season 2, Gladys is hung in Phoebe's grandma's apartment. Season 3, Episode 21 - A cartoon face, that kinda looks like Ross when you look closely Season 4, Episode 2 - The message reads: Season 4, Episode 3 - A big ol' smiley face.

Season 4, Episode 7 - Treager leaves a message fuh reads "Clean up the duck feathers in the hallway! Season 4, Notice 420 friends fun more 8 - "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry Season 4, Episode 13 - "Have you seen our view?!

Season 4, Episode 16 - Ross is interrupted Notixe Season 4, Episode 17 - First it reads "Clean bathroom" self explanatory and later on, Notice 420 friends fun more, knock who's there? Season 4, Episode 18 - "No work" is written. Season 4, Episode 19 - The sign says "What's up?!

Season 4, Episode 20 - "Get out! Season 5, Episode 4 - "Evil Joe" is written on it with fire flames drawn underneath - a reference to his job at PBS, a company Phoebe hates because it reminds her of her mother's suicide. Notice 420 friends fun more 5, Episode gun - "WHY" is written in big, bold letters, which could symbolise the gang's growing frustrations with Emily's demands on Ross.