Team Luminescent Heart would like to thank our sensitive for sharing her dream with us, and especially thank all of the decoders who brought meaning to it.

The glyph sequence in the sketch read: “seek xm data improve technology.” While the circuitry around the glyphs proved to be Morse for the following coordinates: “32.121504,-99.171996.” We would not have known to make the journey to the Robert E. Howard Museum in Cross Plains, TX (the location of the coordinates) without your diligent work, it was brilliant.

The combined message of the glyphs and the coordinates suggested that our team “seek xm data (to) improve technology” at the museum. Thus, an agent was dispatched to investigate.

We suspect that something about the home (now the aforementioned museum) where Robert E. Howard wrote his contributions to the Howcraft documents will provide data to assist our own techthulu project for Magnus Reawakens. Though, of what nature, we cannot say. We will share our findings with you once we have them.