Liberty caught a fleeting glimpse of what she swore was a Steampunk Heart surrounding an Enlightened Eye just a few hours before a major announcement on Investigate Ingress. After hours of searching she found the source: A post by Agent AltarielValice on Facebook. She had dreamt up an incredible design and was making it available for agents attending Mission Day Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Liberty contacted her immediately. "Your's calling to me. I think it could be part of the Tecthulhu."  Ten hours later Investigate Ingress posted about an event unlike any we have seen before.


"Teams of Agents will create living works of art built upon a new and highly limited piece of technology: The Tecthulhu Module, which will allow these art installations to integrate fully into the Portal Network, reflecting their current state through sound, light, color and more -- the only limits are the imaginations of their creators."

Liberty knew, then and there, that AltarielValice must be an XM sensitive, and that it was her mission to bring her dream to life at Magnus Reawakens.