Okay folks! For those of you we've been calling "sister teams" that felt they just didn't have enough time to submit a proposal because of the #Fateofthe13 shardnanigans, here's your chance! https://plus.google.com/+Ingress/posts/EPucx5oZDyj

    Don't wait...we know you can do it! Want to put together a team but you're short on ideas? Take a gander a few of our team's ideas below or see what other teams have submitted for inspiration: 

    • Explorer - How about a ground labyrinth out articles collected from your team's vast travels? Dead ends could have glyph clues that, when solved and put together, reward the adventurer for daring to attempt you maze.
    • Dreamer - Think Rorschach test meets 3D! From one angle it's possibly a butterfly or bird, but as you walk around it transforms into...mom? Is that you? And why are you wearing my underwear? Wait...Mrs. Applebaum? You were the best 3rd grade teacher...oh wait. Is that a resonator?
    • Alchemist or Catalyst - Gigantic Rube Goldberg device! This works for both archetypes. One is about the creation and manipulation of things and people to achieve a certain outcome and the other is about sparking change within your surroundings. 
    • Skeptic - Mirrors. Reflections. Are you *really* seeing what you think you see or only want someone wants you to see. We're  thinking of the incredible art I've seen lately set up for Desert X Art Experience and its use of mirrors to make us question the reality of what we are seeing and experiencing.
    • Listener - Ever play with those whisper tubes on a playground? Imagine creating an entire structure out of winding PVC with hundreds of outlets that agents can listen through. Some they could speak through, others they would hear...whatever you decided to pipe through them. Maybe add a game of telephone in the mix?
    • Interpreter - Create and hang thousands of glyphs from a tree or a structure of your making. Shout out to @NotoriousOne for making a glib joke about the Blair Witch project that inspired this idea. 
    • Omniscient - This one gets me excited. Remember the string board in the original Ingress videos? Can you imagine walking in a 10' diameter circle connecting all events of the #Ingress timeline? The "strings" a series of light up LEDs showing how different events are related? Not just anomalies or shards, but even local, regional, and global field ops that somehow brought agents together on your team today? 
    • Patron - We feel that this is Niantic's biggest role for us all. Without their dedication, passion, and determination to bring us into this new reality we all live in none of this would be possible. It would be incredible to see how agents could build an art piece dedicated to the people and company that made it possible for us to be here today.
    • Trickster - Team Virid Cascadia's  interpretation of the Raven, its devious nature, and relationship with the people and lore of their home region of the Cascade Mountains. www.viridcascasida.com
    • Spiritualist - Temple of Light will serve as a focal point for agents on their path of discovery guiding them to build and grow their connections with each other, and with the unknown. http://cloud.merkurboys.com/index.php/s/txSGLR2BssAJIj3
    • Visionary - Transvisionary Oracle...in an attempt to enhance communication with the shapers via the ephemeral glyph language, SF-ENL plans to build a stylized replica of the Transamerica Pyramid. http://magnus.sfenl.org/