It's interesting how one almost never feels "stranger danger" when it comes to other Ingress Agents. I am not advocating blindly jumping into a car with strange men and women...but the bonds of faction and XM that flow through us transcend beyond any preconceived notions of distrust of new people and places.

 Hey look ma! I figured out how to buy a bus pass in a foreign language! 

Hey look ma! I figured out how to buy a bus pass in a foreign language! 

Zurich, Switzerland- March 21, 2017

"So wait, which tram do I need to take to get downtown?"

"The No 10 for Bahnhofplatz.

Riiiiiiiggghhhht. O_o

Luckily there is a wonderful tourism counter as you're about to exit the airport and thank Jarvis they speak English pass get!

I would be remiss if I didn't give a huge shout out to the Frankfurt agents for finding contacts for me in Zurich. This was the one stop on my long journey that had the least planning and I'll admit to being a tad nervous. However, in less than 12-hours Zurich had spun their Hangouts Tourist chat into Telegram (wasn't using Hangouts because omg the data-suckage) and took in this wayward agent. #feelingthelove #thankyoutechnology


Seriously...with only a couple of hours to explore I knew I was short on time, but I just couldn't help stopping to look at...everything! First, my tram took me to ETH, one of the world's top universities for STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) that looks a bit like a castle. I lost almost 2 hours there because I couldn't help but give myself an impromptu self-guided tour. I TOTALLY geeked out with local students, discussed latest projects with a grad student, and found my total engineering zen happy place. #awesomesauce

The pace picked up rapidly after that as @Flosama and @aeexe converged on my location, and, determined to help me hit over 29,000 unique portal visits, took me on the fastest trek of my life! It probably didn't help that they were both almost a foot taller than I am! 

Oh the beauty and wonder! The narrow cobbled streets and tall ancient buildings sucked me into a time and place from yesteryear. I've never been somewhere that felt...old. And I mean that in a good way. 

We passed the gravestone of the Roman that the city was named for, castles and state buildings, opera houses and quaint shops. I loved the sound of the *click clack* taps of our shoes on the cobblestones and couldn't get enough of how each shop was so close together and yet completely distinct. I pointedly slipped past the statue portal where Roland Jarvis was shot and instead opted to go across the bridge to get a picture with a shard portal that had scored.

Too quickly time passed, but we all did a little happy dance when my scanner confirmed I had hit over 29,000 unique portals. The Explorer badge is my pride and joy as "adventuring" is one of my most favorite things to do in Ingress, after meeting other agents. 

I was once again whisked off to an airport by someone who only hours before was a total stranger, with promises from both of us to visit soon, and often. #ingressisfamily 

Now it's time to sleep on this 12-hour flight back to California, basking in memories, filled with joy, and eager to see what adventure awaits us all next. #ReawakenMagnus