After one week of organizing, planning, and some incredible brainstorming sessions our core team felt ready to submit our seriously epic proposal to Niantic. We celebrated our accomplishment with rounds of, "Squeee!", "Yippee!", and virtual high fives. 


The deadline is technically March 24th, but with our Project Lead running off to South Africa for a week we decided sooner was better than later.

Our current team is comprised of 24 agents but we are hoping to round up to 35 total by the time the event is here. If we are chosen as one of the 12 projects we know it will be tough only picking 11 other agents to join us. After discussing it as a team, we created an application form for interested agents to get ahold of us here

Beyond that, our creatives are still working on additional 3D and CAD renderings of the front and back and our programmers are already pseudocoding for the IR and Ultrasonic sensors. We are upgrading to a collaborative work platform from the single chat room the Core team has been in.

Liberty keeps making noises about Gantt charts, production timetables, and fabrication shop volunteer schedules but those will most likely wait until she gets back.