We've been playing around with different ideas for the musical components of the heart. Looks like we've narrowed it down to three main ideas: 

  1. Build a Theremin. Both Liberty and Joe have the most of the materials to do this. NolaCircuit pointed out that the original soundtrack for Star Trek used one. While easy to make, it is hard, without a lot of practice, to actually make it sound not awful. Here the instrument playing the saddest rendition of Over the Rainbow ever: https://youtu.be/K6KbEnGnymk?t=15s
  2. Create a ring of IR and Ultrasonic sensors each programmed to emit a tone depending on how far away an object is detected. We are contemplating using 13 sensors to represent each Archetype. Agents can then wave their hands, scanners, or other objects to "play" the heart. Similar to this: https://youtu.be/0iISgcPZ15w?t=1m50s
  3. Using in game sounds and voice soundbites of the characters programmed into a sound board by our sound engineer Wond3rbread. Sounds could be clipped or prolonged. We're toying around with calling them, "Heart Beats of Ingress". Get it...beats?

Here's one example of how an IR sensor would be connected using an Arduino Controller (schematic compliments of Chris from England for this one).