Global Missions

We invite the WORLD to participate in Magnus Reawakens!

Team Luminescent Heart wants to help as many interested agents as possible to participate in Magnus Reawakens, no matter how near or far to the Navarro campsite in California they are, no matter the faction!

How can interested agents participate?

Find a mission or mosaic near you. Over 135 agents from both factions across the globe have been working hard to put up as many missions and mosaics around the world! Over 100 missions are live as of April 24, 2017 with 160 in the queue.

Click on any location to learn:

  • Type of mission (standalone, mosaic, xfac)
  • Intel link to where the mission starts
  • Whether it is live or in review
  • The POC for each mission in case you have questions
  • A link to any events happening during the Magnus Reawakens weekend

DO the missions. Once agents have completed a mosaic or standalone (or both?!), we hope to connect agents across the world to our project by requesting that you take screenshots of the completed missions, a cool picture of you during the mission, and post them on G+, Instagram and Facebook @theluminescentheart, with both of the following hashtags: #LuminescentHeart #MagnusReawakens.

Host Mission events across the world! On the weekend of Magnus Reawakens (May 19-21), host mission events to complete our missions in teams! Take pictures of your group exploring and of course everyone submit screenshots with #LuminescentHeart and #MagnusReawakens. 

A look at just a few of the creative missions agents have put up around the world.


our community didn't get missions. How can I still participate?

Our team is all about connecting to the living, breathing agent behind every scanner. Go out and explore, take pictures of your journey, share stories, and post it all to G+ with #LuminescentHeart and #MagnusReawakens. This will link your exploration to other agents around the world.