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By Linda Geddes.

A gene variant has been identified that appears to be associated with female-to-male transsexuality — the feeling some women have that they belong to the opposite sex. While such complex behaviour is likely Ftm looking for a lady result of multiple genes, environmental and cultural factors, the researchers Ftn the discovery suggests that transsexuality does have a genetic component.

The variation is in the gene for an enzyme called cytochrome P17, which is involved in the metabolism of sex hormones. Its pady leads to higher than average tissue concentrations of male and female sex hormones, which may in turn influence early brain development.

Fuck skinny bitches Clemens Tempfer lxdy his colleagues at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria discovered the variant after analysing DNA samples from 49 female-to-male FtM and Ftm looking for a lady MtF transsexuals, as well as non-transsexual controls.

While there are many women with the variant who are not transsexual and many FtM transsexuals who lack it, the finding raises the possibility that the variant makes women more likely to feel that their bodies are of the wrong sex, and that this is a result of their brains having been lookong to higher than average levels of sex hormones during development.

But he stresses that their cultural environment is also important. However, Janett Scott, former president of the Beaumont Societya UK support group for transgender people, is concerned that positing a biological basis for transsexuality may encourage people to try and cure it.

Nonetheless, he says, if other gene variants with a stronger association to transsexuality are identified, establishing a diagnosis might become easier. This might allow gender Ftm looking for a lady surgery or hormone therapy to start earlier in life. Genetics — Keep up with the pace in our continually updated special report.

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