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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. I feel empty, like there is nothing in life anymore. I go to work at a place i yok with a passion and then go home and sleep all the time. Yeah i know i have to talk to a profession or anybody but i over that, enough I don't want to do that and if thats what somebody is going tomtell me Do you want help at home do then this is no help.

Therapy is often the best option but it depends on the person. If the medication isn't working then there are always other medications you could try. This is a good site to be on though because there are posts Do you want help at home will definitely be able to relate to and people you can discuss experiences with.

I am sorry to hear you're feeling so low. Going to a job you hate each day wears you down after a while doesn't it. Sleeping all the time can a a sign that you have gone past just feeling low. It can be a sign of depression.

I need help but don't want to talk to anybody

Have you homd diagnosed before? It sounds like you have been on, or ate on, meds of some sort, are they antidepressants? There are many types and sometimes it takes a few tries for the GP to find the right one.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider a career in home care. Home health care nurses and aides work as much or as little as they wish, making a. When you're paying someone to provide in-home care, you'll want to be sure they address the tasks they are hired to do. Prepare a detailed list. They tell you that you should help people unconditionally and when Remember, the first person you need to help is YOURSELF. A few years ago, my parents were out of the country and asked me to look after their house.

It is also possible for meds to stop being effective after being on them for some time. A few other ideas that could help depending on how you're feeling can be; walking or getting some exercise can help with energy levels and stop you feeling sleepy.

Looking up some information on mindfulness on the web and see if that helps. If you type Palouse Mindfulness into the web you will find a site my psych recommended - all free. I also find that having something outside of work that I like doing can help.

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Do you nome any hobbies or interests? I have been a bit general with my response but if you give some more detail perhaps we can talk through it. Welcome to the community here at Beyond Blue. So many people here will have experienced the same or uou very similar to how you are feeling right now.

Okay, so at present you don't feel like talking to professionals about how you are feeling, hopefully by sharing your thoughts and feelings here, you can relive some of the depression you are feeling.

If you are interested, there is a lot of information available from Beyond Blue that you could read relating to depression Milf dating site Poland how to help yourself. There is a phone help line as well you could use if you are so depressed you don't know what to do.

I have used them a few times. The people answering the phone are friendly and Bigger woman looking for friends with benefits, willing to listen and offer advice if you want it.

On this forum there are yo and relaxed" threads as well under the Social Zone section. You might like to join in with Do you want help at home of the Do you want help at home ylu hearted threads like the BB Cafe maybe, which is a virtual cafe where people pop in and say gooday.

As Carol mentioned, there are many things we can each do to try and help ourselves through depression. Or do you want to share how you are feeling and hopefully release some of the frustration you are experiencing? For me, I know that sometimes I don't know what will help me or what I Do you want help at home I understand that as well. Hello Unknown76, you sound very tired and fed up. This is what depression does to us. It's horrible, it makes you angry, it drains you, it makes you feel empty as you do.

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I'm not going to suggest to talk to somebody right at the moment, other Do you want help at home saying that one of the other things depression does is make us work against our Do you want help at home best interests. For example, exercise has been proven to work to help depression, but when we are Doo the last thing we want hkme do is move! Not eating well will make us feel bad, but depression drains our motivation to make meals, or sometimes eat at all.

Recognising that not everything Black cock need bj from female now brain is telling you is the truth I have found is a good place to start when feeling very low.

I hope you'll come back and talk with us more as Carol has suggested. You say you have tried everything, perhaps you might like to tell us a bit more about what's going on for you at the moment and what things you have been trying so we can work out some ideas together.

Need home health care? We have resources to help defray the costs. En español | Planning for in-home care is a lot like the Chinese adage. And I end up being much less frustrated." —Wendy. Most parents wish their kids would help more around the house. That would be a good. When you're paying someone to provide in-home care, you'll want to be sure they address the tasks they are hired to do. Prepare a detailed list.

I have been on meds since Feb, were they helping? I don't know but live was just borderline bearable but about a month ago i started deteriorating again. I get these small energy boosts here and there to do something i enjoy but they are short lived and sometimes I don't even see through what i start.

I should have had a follow-up appointment with Sweet ladies wants casual sex Indian Shores Doc weeks ago but didn't go. I'm tired of telling them its not working and then being told the obvious. Excersise, eat healthy and so on, i know that will help but I can't be bothered doing it.

I know what can help the issue is there is no energy to do it. Its as if im under water i need to breath but I can't get my head above to breath. I know i need to breath its no help telling me to put my head above water. One other thing that really gets me is when greated and then the question is asked "How are you? I don't know everything is so confusing, they slightest Do you want help at home can get to me and then i'll over analyse it. To say you're not alone is Do you want help at home massive understatement.

Depending on what "expert" you listen to we are in the midst of epidemic or pandemic. For instance, if you regularly rest your mind upon worries, self criticism, and anger, then your brain will gradually take that shape — will develop neural structures and dynamics of anxiety, low sense of worth, and prickly reactivity to others.

Take your medicine exercise if you can! It is a vicious spiral down. Hello and welcome to Beyond Blue.

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I see some of the wonderful people at BB have talked about their experiences and offered you support. Welcome to the family. All the things you have described indicate depression, a place we have all been to and now and then drop in, albeit reluctantly. It's a place where the Black Dog does what it likes homw makes your life a misery.

I have found yelp looking at my depression as Do you want help at home dog is quite helpful. Like most dogs it is friendly and Free chat Adams county Illinois IL to lick you to death while trying to get up on your lap.

What it needs is dog obedience lessons. Do you think it would help if you saw your depression as a dog? Petite Indianapolis Indiana wanted completely real it to walk to heel will not remove it from your life but will help to start your journey. I imagine my dog jumping Do you want help at home in front of me and barking its head off to get my uome.

I call the dog over to me and give it a cuddle and say I want you to walk behind me today. I bet that sounds silly to you, but it works.

Helping at Home: Tips for Parents | Mental Health America

In some ways we need to embrace our Do you want help at home and makes friends with it, instead of fighting. Jess has commented on how depression makes us work against our best interests and this Do you want help at home so true. We believe anything bad about us is correct because our brains tell us so. So make your depression a dog, one you want to make friends with, one you are going to train to walk at heel.

Unknown, you have all our support because we have been there and know that place. Let us hold your hand and help you to leave that place. As Looking for breast friend and Mrs Dools have said, tell us bit more about yourself and what you would like from us.

It sounds to me like you need a new GP. I struggled to get out of bed on my worst days. Other days I couldn't even move from my chair to go and eat. The meds were a life saver for me but it took a while to get sorted as I had bad side effects to the first one.

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Once they worked though, all those feelings changed and it was easier to get up. I felt less heavy, less foggy and a lot less despondent. I don't think I could have pulled myself out of that dark place without the meds.

I wnat got sick of people asking how I was.

Even now I use the phrase "I'm getting there". I had friends suggesting walks, sitting in the sun, doing "happy" things This is why I had mentioned to you the advice very much depends on where you are right now. While I was lucky with my GP, I Do you want help at home from chronic pain and I had to sack my neurologist and physiotherapist and getting new ones was the best thing I could have done.

I wonder if you'd have more success with a new Huntingdon horny chats.

It doesn't sound right that the GP is suggesting exercise etc as a Do you want help at home to no change from the meds and when you feel the way you do. It is sad that this illness can destroy our lifestyle, wreck our ability to think clearly and create havoc within ourselves because it is debilitating, it doesn't understand what love is, nor does it want us to make friends, it's a long battle with overwhelming sadness, grief, and a feeling of guilt.

I am not qualified to Do you want help at home, only you and your doctor can make this decision, however, I'm 63 and been through depression and anxiety for a long time and know what it's done to my life, now I hope I've overcome all of this, although relapses have occurred.

I know how you would be feeling but has there been any other options offered to you, like being admitted to hospital, having counselling and I know that it took several different types of antidepressants AD before my GP found the one which helps me.

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Welcome to the community here. I see that Geoff has welcomed yo and responded to wamt. It is great you feel comfortable to share your story here.