Only I can see what it can be. Once activated, its power will change our world. Agents, prepare for what lies ahead!
— Oliver Lynton-Wolfe

Over the weeks between the Via Lux Anomaly series, and the Via Noir events, documents and images began surfacing concerning a strange machine. The machine was fractiously described in what has become known as the HowCraft Document as ‘Tecthulhu’. The document is assumed to be a collaborative work between H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard. The work describes a Mech-Tech Horror and some sort of summoning ritual.

During the events of Via Noir, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe was sending messages through the scanner and across the Internet. He seemed, to many, to be quite disturbed and raving about the Tecthulhu. All transcripts of those videos have been posted elsewhere online. At the culmination of Via Noir, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe appeared to be taken over by something, and lost to us.  

It is only now that team Luminescent Heart is prepared to step into the light and be known. We have discovered what we believe to be either a part, or a new piece, of Tecthulhu, we do not know which. Below is our mostly declassified account of the discovery.

This piece, a combination of organic and inorganic components was discovered in the Southern region of [redacted]. It was discovered after a recent set of mysterious geological events at the site drew the attention of our Sensitives: AltarielValice, LibertyBot2, and [redacted]. The events that transpired were not noticed by modern monitoring equipment, because they are not calibrated to detect fluctuations in the XM Substrate or the Portal Network. The Sensitives on our team immediately knew something was happening in [redacted] and put the call out to the rest of our team to mobilize. Given the public nature of the location where the object was found, it was imperative that the agents on the ground operated quickly, but quietly. We believed there were other teams which would be organizing a response.  

The Recovery Team was on-site within hours, and prepping for their excursion into [redacted]. The plan was to enter [redacted] after normal operating hours. Security was not a concern since other members of the team had taken the necessary steps to infiltrate and overcome all digital measures. Personnel on site would not be a problem as it was determined to be a minimal contingent mainly focused on the physical structures surrounding [redacted] and not the subterranean areas.

Armed with their scanners, surveys of the structure, and mil-spec communications, the team descended shortly after the operating hours of the facility. It’s unclear exactly, and the team couldn’t quite explain, but they reported that as they went further into [redacted] they too could sense something beckoning them in directions that were not on any of the surveys. It should be noted that the members of the extraction team were selected for the mission because of the relatively limited effect that XM has on them. At one point all communication with the team was lost. This was not unexpected, since it is known that anomalous areas affect even the best technological instruments.

After two hours and twenty-six minutes, communications were back online with the team. Operation Security measures prevented them from detailing their experiences during radio silence, but it was evident something was discovered and secured. The team met with no other agents or encountered any oppositional forces during extraction.

Once the object was secured and transported to our secure location in Southern California, the Sensitives on our team were brought in to examine and study it. After several weeks of study and collaboration between our Tech teams and our Sensitives, we believe we know what this object is.

We cannot with any certainty explain its purpose or why, up to this point, others have not learned of its existence. What we can say for certain is that this object, an XM Artifact, is part of a Magnus. We believe this Artifact possesses the qualities which P.A. Chapeau, the investigators of both Operation Essex & Project Isthmus communities have described as The Humanist Archetype.

The heart shape of the Artifact first led to this assumption, and a consensus has been made. Is there not a heart behind every scanner? We also believe this Artifact to be imbued with the power of the Shapers. Our conclusions:

  • Our Sensitives seem to have been the ONLY agents that it called out to.
  • We have not been able to determine the age or origin of the Artifact.
  • It may even be a new manifestation or perhaps a construct of the New Wave Enlightened set for us to discover and bring to the World.
  • Much more research is needed, but we have exhausted our resources and now offer it to the Ingress Community to further aid our efforts.

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