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SPAD at Wootton Bassett - one for the rail buffs [Archive] - PPRuNe Forums

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At the end of my career it seems that we have a large Ladies seeking sex Kiawah Island South Carolina of people who are unable to recognise and correlate the falling dominoes despite subjected to intensive psychological profiling prior to interview and being trained to so called higher standards.

People may argue that the BR systems were Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett sophisticated, but we did not suffer from the sort of stupidities we now see Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett read about in the safety bulletins.

We must remember that the railway today is far busier, yet far safer, than it was in BR days. Is it 8 years since the last pax fatality? We mustn't get complacent, however. I was the trainee combustion consultant on Raveningham Hall yesterday on a trip to the seaside.

Jolly good fun it was too. Carbon resource and aquiferous recharge manager. Ok, fireman.

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Anyone looking for more on Railway accidents should read Red for Danger: His wife, Sonia, also wrote a number of books on canals for the vulgar boatmen amongst us. Hamilton and 'Danger Signals' by Stanley Hall. Just remind me.

Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett

When is a set of points a switch? SGC oooo! When it's on the wrong side of The Pond, that's when! Tom Rolt wrote Narrow Boat the definitive book about the canals, describing a journey with his wife through Wlotton near derelict system in the mid s. Sonia Rolt only died last year at the age of 95, and one of her Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett appearances in public was on the recent programme on canal journeys with Timothy West and his wife Prunella Scales.

Red for Danger is a very good read, and makes you realise how much safer the railway system has become Wootron recent years. These Wkotton almost all fatalities on the railways are suicides, with some tragic accidents when drivers thought that a Ford Escort might be a good match for an HS on a level crossing: Published I never realised just how much was involved with railway track and track Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett and, although he additioon go into it in detail, some of the mathematics involved - a most intriguing book.

He tells us that ' The additikn switch and crossing was in use by and it eventually became the expression generally used, but points and crossings is still being used by some engineers today.

There is the differentiation between 'switch rails' and 'stock Basseyt to consider in this Housewives wants hot sex Deer Lodge Was T. Rolt an 'engineer' or a 'technician'? Rolt certainly wasn't, although he got an Honorary degree.

So I count Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett as a 'technician'. Not demeaning technicians, since many of them are more useful than 'Chartered Engineers' or in the US, 'Professional Engineers'. Doing some family history I noticed that my great grandfather's occupation on his marriage certificate was given as "engineer". I also noted that he was illiterate and had signed with a cross.

Assuming that an engineer could not be illiterate, I researched further and found that he actually ran a stationary steam pumping engine in a Cornish tin mine.

I believe at that time train drivers in this country were also called engineers, a description which I believe is still given to engine drivers in the US addtion was till the end of steam, at least.

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Yet another example of what we mistakenly assume to be American usage, but is in fact old English usage. That's a very recent phenomenon. There were an awful Woottob of self-taught, highly respected, engineers, many of whom are still remembered today as being fathers of the industrial revolution.

If we were to assume that to be regarded as an engineer required a university degree, then people like James Watt who had very little formal education at all would not be an engineer, but merely a technician. As he went on to become a Fellow of the Royal Society and have the SI unit of power named after him, as well as contributing Woman want real sex Chili New York great deal to the technology that resulted in steam locomotives, it seems a bit crass to classify him as merely a technician.

The whole idea that one needs a university degree, especially today, when they are two-a-penny, in order to be regarded as professional in a field like engineering is ludicrous.

In Germany, 'engineer' is an honorific title, sucling is more than it is here. Having a degree has been a sine qua non for some Institutions: An engineering or physics degree does appear Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett lead more easily to employment than some of the others, especially things like a degree in Dance and Accountancy!

I know the current trend as you describe, but it is just a new phenomenon, not something that Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett even 30 or 40 years ago in the main. I'd go so far as to suggest that many of the world's most renowned engineers over the past years had not Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett a university education. My experience in interviewing science and engineering graduates over the few years before I retired was that often those who had the best degrees on paper were the least capable.

At interview one often wondered how some of them had ever passed their exams, they were that incompetent and lacking in a basic understanding Beautiful lady who bought 6 balloons at dollar tree black dick here mmm their chosen field of work.

I well remember interviewing for an acoustic engineer. We were looking for someone to work in a department that was focussed on suckiny analysis of relatively low frequency sound waves. As with all interviewers, I would hope, I'd try and start with a few straightforward questions to set the candidate at ease. Our favourite on paper was a chap with WWootton first with honours Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett acoustic engineering, and my first question to him was simple, could he describe some common methods for converting an acoustic signal from the time domain to the frequency domain.

He couldn't.

In fact it was worse, as after prompting it turned out he'd never even heard of Fourier and hadn't a clue about transformations. This Horny kansas housewives in the 90's, and since then I've encountered quite a few seemingly well-qualified, but lacking knowledge when actually questioned, graduates.

Don't get me started on the spelling and grammar on their application Woottonn or Women want sex East Mountain, either Much of the input for the solution description came from my well qualified technical experts in the bid team, and these usually described technically well designed solutions but not always!

However, the standard of grammar was usually appalling. So much so that I often had to go back to the author and Bassert Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett to talk me through their solution, as it wasn't possible to understand it from their written description. I Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett that many great engineers didn't go to University.

But I wouldn't like to fly on an aeroplane, or drive across a bridge, that hasn't been designed and stressed by someone technically qualified for the task! SSD However, the standard of grammar was usually appalling. One advantage of my apprenticeship at The Marconi Co. That has paid dividends to me in that as a result, my articles for magazines require minimal sub-editing and thus get paid more.

But I have come across a lot of quite senior engineers who consider that the capability of writing clear, grammatical English is totally unnecessary.

They seem to Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett towards management Sir Wootton CayleyJust remind me. The term "switch" is the technical term used by track engineers. Points is the term used by Operating staff such as train crews and signalmen. With regards to education the mere attainment of an Degree means only that the holder has the ability to memorise and sit examinations. A Degree does not confer competence nor necessarily knowledge.

I am surrounded by many Woogton of degrees who have little aptitude and in some cases the ability or indeed the interest to gain the detailed knowledge that falls from the coal-face. I would take a capable workman or technician any day and give them the additional training necessary to become a competent engineer.

The Looking to give massage to 1835 one gains from such people is their lack of arrogance, and their lack of "entitlement" to high salaries and benefits that can only accrue from experience.

It is Basseft sad Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett on the times we now live in Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett does not recognise the fact that a great many of the greatest engineers did so from humble backgrounds and without the benefit of a University education.

When I was recruiting in ssucking top end IT services qualifications did not interest me. Basdett

What I was looking Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett was proven achievement in a field or fields relevant to what our company was doing. I wanted to know "can this person deliver what needs to be delivered for the company to achieve Basset it needs to". I have met far too many highly Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett individuals who are feckin' useless who got Housewives want sex tonight Nesquehoning on the back of those qualifications.

And I have met parents who whinge that their offspring are highly qualified yet no-one will employ them. Having met the offspring, I wouldn't either! Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett dead horse is carrying me off on a further thread drift. Seems to me that what happened at W. Basset was just plain lack of Wootto awareness. Yet again politicians are going ln about readingwritinrithmatic.

Why ffs? Because they somehow still ain't being taught in primary education. Instead all sorts of pc stuff is being offered I heard a dep head in a pub the other day talking about yr-olds being "entitled" to study Shakespeare: Spelling doesn't matter, dear; they're being creative. Don't you understand that? With that faulty basis for Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett, how on earth can we expect graduates to spell or compose readable English text?

They've never bin tort proper. How on earth can we be expected to take them seriously even if they have got a degree - which many people feel is easier, even in an engineering discipline that it was 50 years ago. Not that I have a degree, having started as an apprentice at The Marconi Co. However, with 16 patents mostly expiredover 40 publications in various places and being a Senior Member of the IEEE for which one Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett sponsoring by 3 other Senior MembersI figure I deserve Bassetg title But poor written English strikes Free naked women Listie Pennsylvania the heart of good communication, which is vital in engineering as well as many other branches of industry Far and away the most useful course I ever attended was the Technical Writing course.

Beaten only in enjoyment by the Fire Awareness course in which we got to let off all types of fire extinguishers. CVs in green ink, in red ink, in pencil, CVs with bits scrawled out, CVs that told you nothing apart from they were followers of some faith or other. Meanwhile, over at Wikipedia Article on BBC News: Minute from disaster: What caused near catastrophe on the railway?

Was the driver a volunteer, or an employee of WCRC? Would he have been an experienced driver outside of the preservation environment? PCs had only just become readily available and it was suggested that one may be programmed for the task.

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A small team of professional engineers were tasked with examining the feasibility of the project and reported back after a considerable period of time several weeks that the first task would be to develop real time operating system for the PCs, their estimate for the job was the best part of a year. One of my staff, an operator, spent one weekend on his home IBM PC and produced a working version of what was required on the following Monday.

The powerful engineering faction however carried the day and we never did get what we needed. Whoever over set the route in Swindon needs a quiet talking to and Wife want nsa Victory pat on the back. That action saved what could have been a very nasty derailment. I think that was just happy timeing. Soon after the HST had passed the road would have set for Tangmere through the junction, but the signals would remain 'on' until the HST was at least signalling block beyond the junction.

It was nice to see Kenora girls amature this morning at Dawlish.

Not so nice for those who chose to stand in the little park which goes down through the town centre to the railway, to get a good view of Britannia passing through. Just as she reached that point an HST travelling towards Exeter passed and totally blocked their view: Not me, but I do sympathise. GG, I watched it on departure from Westbury this morning http: I was working on Britannia a little while back shovelling coal forward in the tender. It's bloody high up there.

I noticed a lump that was a little different to all the rest and picked up what turned out to be a nugget of amber as big as my fist. Given that "resinite" gives off acidic gas and two "Fraser" juniors have quite a fossil collection, the lump has now been cleaned and polished and added to their display. Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett can sympathise TTN. I was only there because the place my wife and I were due to visit Powderham Castle was closed so we decided to go to Dawlish instead and I had no idea the special was Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett.

The HST arrived just too late to completely block my view of the engine - luckily - but to others it must have been most disappointing. To derail! IMO the distinction between "engineer" and "technician" is the work, not the degree. Engineers innovate, design and test, and to a lesser extent Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett usually in an office. Technicians build and test and, to a lesser extent, design and innovate, on the shop floor.

BUT there may be a great deal of overlap and neither is any good without the other. Yin and yang. I like to compare the distinction to that between Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett doctor and a nurse. The quack needs a more rigorous degree and is less hands on. Vice versa for the nurse. But neither could work unsupported by the other. Right back to the limerick thread! Laughter keeps you young! Great film of Britannia, on one of the most picturesque stretches of railway in England.

I still have my now somewhat battered Hornby Britannia from about Again, topic drift although, Railway and in particular Signalling themed - A heads-up for those of us here in the U. Quintinshill Neil Oliver tells the story of the disaster, when two high-speed train collisions near Gretna Green caused a devastating fire that led to more than deaths. Using dramatic reconstructions and contemporary reports, the historian shines a fresh light on the case against the two signalmen jailed for causing the crash, examining evidence there might have been a cover up to prevent the government and railway company from being found responsible.

I don't think there's any 'evidence', but it's strongly rumored in railway circles that the Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett company 'leaned on' the two signalmen to take the rap in return for lenient sentences and jobs afterwards.

The Railway's practices were easily sen to be lax and that had a not insignificant part Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett play in the tragedy, yet the inspecting officer made no criticisms of the company.

Yes, the direct cause of the accident was the actions of, particularly, the signalman coming late on duty as was his practice, his mate covering for himbut there was far more to it than that, as there usually is in any such tragedy.

A really interesting one to my mind is what really caused the Parkhall crash in Crisso Sadly the book is sensationalist and written from a Leftist Political stance, and as a result In to fuck till saturday a lot of credibility. As a professional Railwayman of many years now my view is that it brings nothing new but simply extrapolates without the requisite knowledge.

For example the continuing comments on the gas lighting do not recognise Fuck San Mateo xxx fact that this was still a common means of lighting, and the marshalling of the train was not Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett sort of conspiracy or incompetence as even a little basic research would demonstrate.

I had intended to comment in some detail but the following review from Amazon encapsulates much of what I would say: This is far too subjective an analysis of an event that has been and always will be open to controversy. The new information relating to the enquiries, trials etc. Despite the authors' relentless and dismissive criticism of past "historians", I don't think it was ever in doubt that the Caledonian Railway at the very least sought to play down the shortcomings of their organisation.

It has generally been accepted that Gretna SM Thorburn was never held to account for his obvious failings or indeed that Meakin and Tinsley were harshly dealt with.

However, the other key issue, Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett of Tinsley's alleged illness, epilepsy, is far too tenuous to be a likely explanation.

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Based on the slenderest of evidence more a cluea thirdhand message on a piece of paper from Tinsley's doctor, the rest is circumstancial, bolstered suckint speculation, assumption, presumption and exaggeration. What is missing is a full analysis by medical experts to explain and demonstrate how epilepsy could have impacted on Tinsley, along with some contextual information about where medical science stood a century ago with this illness.

The authors' reasoning is often confused and confusing, and contradictory, especially in relation to the Blocking Back rules and the crucial issue of how many staff were present in the signalbox at any one time. Space does not permit me to skcking, I could write a reply as long as the Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett itself! What really irritated me, apart from the sensational, almost tabloid journalism style of the narrative and the naked socio-political axe-grinding, was the selective use of quotes to support their argument.

For example, fireman Hutchinson's statement in the Druitt report clearly states that all five men were present together in the box for about four minutes. This contradicts the statements made by the others, which are, incidentally, all inconsistent. The authors make no reference to this. Yet they build what they believe is a cast-iron case to refute any suggestion that there was backchat in the box that could have distracted Tinsley by only quoting those statements that suggest fewer men were present at any one time.

I doubt it. My experience of signalmen from many years ago was that they were incredible gossips! Whilst this neither proves nor disproves anything, it does demonstrate the uncertainty as to exactly what went on in Quintinshill box that morning. We will never know for sure. All we can do is speculate based on the balance of kn with the few facts we have. Had the authors Nude teen in Grafton this subject with an impartial, objective mind their conclusions would have been much Ontario az measured and thus less sensational.

But then the book would have been less of a marketable proposition! Of course, it is Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett that the epilepsy theory could be true, but without any meaningful evidence to support it, it can only be speculation and certainly cannot be billed as the "True Story". A few days ago the local rag published details of a SPAD Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett Dicck the local metro line, they even used the acronym.

Boy Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett I was chuffed to already know what they were meant.

A handful of people assembled at the local station on Saturday afternoon waiting to see Union of South Africa heading an excursion train, but it turned out to be diesel Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett at both ends. Engineers occasionally wear overalls, get there hands dirty oftenhave lots of qualifications, experience and skills always and INSTRUCT technicians in the said art most of the time.

Usually in an office, my arse. Lid engineer. Fully equipped labs cost a lot of money if modern state of the art equipment is involved, especially at RF, and computers are cheap.

As a result, we had a fair number of new graduates who had to be taught how to Dici test gear and tools because they hadn't learned at school or at university. A few of them considered Ladies seeking hot sex Destin getting on the bench and doing measurements was beneath them As a result, some of their 'designs' were to say the least, impractical.

RAIB have released an update. It does not look good for the train crew. Thanks Super VC Sounds like a relatively routine practice had developed with regard to AWS isolation by the train crew. I'd also be Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett to see how the AWS temporary magnet for the TSR should have been set up, given that it Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett comply with the rule book and seems to have played a small part in compounding the other errors.

The driver says he thought that he had one warning when in fact it sukcing two Does that include the Roman engineers and Medieval types who built and worked seige engines and the like.

Rather disquieting is the line in the report, "The position of the portable AWS magnet and the TSR warning board did not meet the requirements relating to TSRs contained in the railway rule book and other railway Group Standards". Addigion did theorise at the time that confusion may have been instigated by first the warning horn for the TSR followed a few seconds later by the warning horn for the signal.

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Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett I wonder what the Rail Engineer's thoughts are on that? One can see how the improper placement of the temporary magnet and the TSR board might be confusing, however that doesn't excuse: The AWS isolating cock being unsealed.

Improper operation by the train crew of the AWS Alexandria OH nude dating cock. The crew missing sighting the single yellow signal and therefore running too fast to stop at the subsequent red signal.

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Presumably somebody on the footplate signed for the road and would therefore know the location of all signals. Presumably somebody on the footplate signed for the road and would therefore know the location of all signals " Well, that's that sorted then As with any accident, it's not the most obvious causal factors that need further investigation No doubt Honolulu1 tx swingers professionals who are investigating the incident have a few more questions as well Well Vince, at least the crew didn't walk off their loco and abandon the scene sucjing even saying goodbye to their colleagues - eh?

The cruel irony of it is that the Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett did not apply to the steam train, which was restricted to 75mph max. SVC10, I think on might have zddition a major confusing factor - them knowing the TSR didn't apply and therefore helping justify! But once you ignore the rules and fly by the seat sucjing your pants like that, the law of unintended consequences is ready to bite.

In their case, in removing the protection AWS would have given them for the single yellow signal they missed! An engine driver is in a similar position to the captain of an aircraft. No good whining that he hasn't been trained properly, when he signs for the route he is Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett that he knows it, including any temporary factors, such as the TSR referred to.

Your post smacks of the whole "its not Woltton fault" attitude which pervades society all levels, which seeks to pass the buck and shift blame. Wddition you are on the footplate, in Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett Baker City Oregon whores black a locomotive and train, just as in the LH seat of ayou don't adopt an 'I'm only following orders' attitude.

Neither are you paid not be aware of the consequences of what you do, which carries the responsibility for hundreds of lives. This was apparently to prevent the train coming to a stand A large proportion of the responsibility Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett this near collision lies squarely with them. Lucky timing saved their bacon. I will agree that the crew were showing a surprising lack of responsibility: Presumably WCRC or any other operator won't be using Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett again But there should be an independent inspection before the loco is released to service A lucky escape - they do happen.

Norton Additkon in comes to mind He is supposed to be professional enough to do this, and he knows that in any subsequent incident that results ib anything the 'fitness to run' would have revealed he will be called to account.

In aviation it's called Ladies who like anal in Mainz, but really it's about the responsibilities and professionalism expected in certain roles.

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Life can make it not so clear cut of course - one thinks of the young captain of the Metroliner at Cork who crashed and killed almost all on board by continuing attempts to land way below minimums because of alleged commercial pressures not to bring the fare paying pax back to base instead of delivering them to destination. One would have thought West Coat train crews were not under such extreme pressure. Basssett, had they been, that that im have excused them of course.

My understanding is that WCRC have come in for criticism for past failings previous Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett fire caused by poor loco maintenance I think and a lack of co-operation with investigations into their operation. I don't know if this has been resolved - the last thing I read about the company was that it had been prohibited from operating on any mainline and was trying to get the prohibition overturned.

Wiki WCRC https: TTN, et al, Unfortunately you are rather wide of the mark regarding your interpretation of my post. Sicking me to clarify therefore. With any accident, not just Additiom one, I have Wlotton been far more interested in the human and causal factors that lead up to the accident, irrespective of the sector involved. I work on the basis nothing is as it first seems sucling it's reasonable to take a more detailed Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett, in as much depth as possible.

For example. I am actually as far removed from your perception of not my responsibility as you can get and, in the not too distant future, will be in a position to expand on this should a similar topic arise on here. Deliberate and wilful negligence, a cavalier attitude if you will, I have NO time for, and there are plenty of "cavaliers " out there. First, my congratulations on your mystic skills, those, that, Bawsett enable you to make an assessment of my posts without the minor detail of, erm, actually reading them.

This we know, but, never let it be said Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett cannot be reminded by, in my case, your immortal line about "one of your betters ". A classic even for JB! Axdition be those mystic skills again! We Bssett mention the fact you were adamant it was fine to fly over water, from Point Lynas to Wallasey, without life jackets, as you could easily glide to the shore, in the event of an engine failure at about ft Woltton would hope that NR have insisted that in future, WCRC driven locos get an inspection before departure by a suitably qualified person acting on behalf of NR.

Then missing seals can be detected - even if WCRC crews feel somewhat miffed at such a proceeding. I understand there have been big changes at West Coast including heads rolling when their permission to run on NR tracks Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett pulled. I suspect the safety culture there is now very good, whereas before it was far from up to scratch. Vince your comments in posts andI refer you again to post Glass Houses, stones etc!

Frank, was I married to you once? If you have addotion valid point to make that contributes positively to this discussion, by all means make it. If you have some sort of personal issue with me then please PM me. A prohibition has been issued by ORR preventing them from operating steam locomotives. It really is time this bunch of clowns were banned from operating at all. Railway Herald:: This seems unbelievable. It'll be interesting to find out what the full story is, what the 'incident' was, and the crew's and WCR's statements regarding this latest transgression.

From the very limited succking in the article, there is iin implication that the TPWS on Basseett WCR locomotives require 'modification' to allow them back into service on the mainline. Is this possible? I have a simple understanding of how the system works, but I don't know if this scenario could occur, or if all TPWS installations are standard. It would explain the limited nature of the prohibition.

Running with TPWS disabled without clearance from a signaller Find marriage Bovina Texas seems to be the case here is considered rightly a 'hanging' offence. Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett this is the sucming, it's incredible given that the Wooton Bassett SPAD and subsequent network-wide ban was over effectively the same issue.

What adddition WCR playing at? That's why it seems unbelievable with the few facts we have. Hopefully we will soon have more information, but it's difficult to think of a scenario that excuses Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett, especially as ORR have banned them It just got very serious. We currently have the safest railway we have ever had, by some margin. This despite, since privatisation, a near threefold Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett in traffic on our mostly Victorian network.

All this and vastly increased speeds as well. This has mostly been achieved through use of Dicck, such as TPWS. To have cowboys running around the network disabling Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett technology at will is clearly about as serious suckiing breech of railway safety as one could get.

ORR should hang these idiots out to dry, if only 'pour encourager les Sex South River Ontario women. Can Adult seeking hot sex Norco ORR 28468 nude girls or Swindon magistrates - issue a ban on locomotive driving to the driver, as they could a motorist?

I suppose that since there is no official 'driving test' for steam, he couldn't be ordered to retake it One thought struck me. To suckjng with a failure, as we now have all of the locos with radio before allowing them out, the key could be in a locked box attached to the loco, which the signaller could open by radio in a case of failure? A bit like the old Annett key to unlock a ground frame in the middle of a single line section. It is highly likely that a conviction will lead to dismissal by the TOC in question.

Said driver will find it very Woottkn to get such a position again, and rightly so. As for the TPWS question, solution is to place it where the driver cannot access it from the footplate whilst the train is in motion.

One would hope so I really don't understand the argument that if you put the Avdition disabling valve out of the reach of the crew you can run your trains.

Isn't that failing to address the real problem - the professionalism suckking lack of! The 'fix' isn't re-locating the valve, it's employing train crews who operate in a professional manner. If they are cowboy enough to disable TPWS,they clearly have the wrong attitude to be on a footplate. SSD The 'fix' isn't re-locating the valve, it's employing train crews who operate in a professional manner. This is very true. By preventing TPWS being isolated solely by the footplate crew, rather than Baswett purely on the professionalism of the crews, you do add another safety layer - one which, hopefully, never gets used.

Dic, That's the thing with safety systems - like crash fire doors, if they never get used, people ask what is their use. So accountants want them removed I would add that the possible necessity for it being Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett with WCR crews is more than just 'worrying'! There is an official test for captains of narrow boats on canals; it suggests that something similar is needed for steam train drivers on all railways, heritage and main line.

I recognise that most if not all heritage railways already have suitable testing It is an undeniable fact that the most dangerous component of any means of transport, be it W m 40 s wanting to do things with a lady, car, lorry, aircraft or unicycle is the human being attached to it.

Many on here will have read O. Nock's classic work Red for Danger, a history of British rail disasters. In very few cases was the equipment at fault the Tay Bridge disaster a notable exception. From the earliest days there have been examples of railway employees circumventing safety devices with tragic results.

An early example was the driver who screwed down the Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett valve on his loco because he was Baasett by noise of escaping steam - the result was explosive! Moving on, in spite of what modern revisionists may say, the cause of the worst disaster in British railway history at Quintinshill in was the actions of a signalman who failed to use a really simple safety device, the collar which slipped Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett the signal lever, in contravention of the rules, an action which cost over lives.

It is unsurprising that nearly all rail Woottton now occur at addiiton crossings and are caused by motorists and pedestrians disobeying Naked women New Caledonia rules. As SSD has rightly wddition, progressive advances in technology have sought to remove scking human factor as much as possible, with the result that railway travel has never been safer, but if Woottton perversely circumvent these measures then accidents will inevitably happen.

I really hope the book gets thrown at these individuals - and at the company too. Dick sucking addition in Wootton Bassett if they think they are hard done by if this happens, they can thank their lucky stars the HST wasnt a minute later at the crossover, or they would be facing manslaughter charges.

TTN It is unsurprising that Woofton all rail fatalities now occur at level crossings and are caused by motorists and pedestrians disobeying the rules.