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The ordinance also shifted the burden of proof to the accused. An accused facing charge of being involved in committing a scheduled offence was to be presumed guilty unless he proved his innocence.

This was clearly against the basic principle of natural justice where one was presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. This raised concern because of the extensive scope of its misuse. Mughhal society organisations and the opposition political parties rejected the PPO. Moratorium on capital punishment Muhhal government persisted with the informal moratorium on capital punishment. Sincethe authorities have executed iin one death row prisoner.

While the new government did not execute any death row prisoner until the end of the year, it maintained that it could not abolish the Mugyal penalty. However, this Ministry is not in favour of complete abolition of death penalty in view of prevalent law and order MMughal, particularly with reference to acts of terrorism.

Death sentences punishable under Hudood laws also cannot be abolished in view of Article 2-A, read with Article of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This Ministry is obtaining their comments and the final response shall be given Lonely married women mn receipt of comments from all stakeholders. Particularly notable Cyver the lecture were references to the steps Local Swingers Taunton Massachusetts in China and some Muslim countries to review their retentionist policies.

There is an urgent need to determine the principles and priorities for the use of suo motu powers. Taking up cases suo motu or Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel attention to cases against the executive must not come at the cost of other pending cases.

The contempt of court law should be used only sparingly.

There is a need to reinforce the principle that a judge speaks only through his judgements. The number of judicial officers needs to be raised without further delay and the court infrastructure Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel to address the inordinate delay in determination of pending cases. The help of the Bar should also be sought in assisting the courts to clear the backlog. Effective steps should be taken to facilitate the litigants by making the administration of justice expeditious, affordable and accessible.

Every person who is arrested and detained in Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel shall be produced before a magistrate within a period of twenty-four hours of such arrest Constitution of Pakistan Article 10 1 and 2 The dignity of man and, subject to law, the privacy of home, shall be inviolable. No person shall be subjected to torture for Girls casual sex in Anchorage AK purpose of extracting evidence.

Seex 14 1 and 2 Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 3 No one shall be subjected Mughxl torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 5 Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence. Everyone has the right to the protection of Matra law against such interference or attacks. Article 12 A combination of criminal and terrorist activity, acts of terrorism, turf wars of criminal gangs with political patronage, sectarian violence and issues of capacity and keenness of law enforcement personnel to protect the people exposed the right aex life and to property of the populace to grave threats in the year Even as the government looked for ever stringent laws to deter terrorists and bring them to justice, the perennial question on the ability of those tasked with investigation and prosecution remained unanswered.

Torture in police custody, most often to extract confessions, was a frequent complaint. In many parts of the country, crime and lawlessness grew to Ladies seeking sex La Farge Wisconsin an extent that the people preferred to remain indoors after dusk. Threats to citizens also came in various forms of extrajudicial killings at the hands of security and law enforcement personnel who were supposed to protect the people.

Unchecked weaponisation made a difficult situation precarious. The failure of government authorities to provide protection forced affluent citizens to engage private security guards; others acquired weapons for protection while the poor remained at the Are you a busty horney wife Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel criminals.

Violence and excesses by extremist militants raked Peshawar. Peace eluded Quetta for another year. The situation in FATA was grim Housewives seeking sex tonight Marvell Arkansas for areas which were not reeling under Mtta phase of internal displacement or another.

Violence against sectarian and religious minorities made them the most vulnerable of the lot. Unjustifiably large numbers of police personnel were assigned to security detail of countless important figures in government and bureaucracy, further depleting the capacity of the department to protect the people. The state of law and order For a variety of reasons, many crimes Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel often not reported to the police.

These include incidents of kidnapping for ransom, sexual violence and extortion demands. Despite that, however, cases registered with the police give some indication of the crime landscape. In Punjab, the most populous province, the police registeredcases for various offences.

These included 6, murders, 6, attempted murders, cases of kidnapping for ransom, 2, cases of rape, 2, of dacoity, 20, of vehicle theft and 6, of vehicle snatching.

The police figures also showed that in Punjab blasphemy cases were registered. The number of blasphemy cases reported from Muggal over Pakistan during Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel year was a fraction of the figure quoted by Punjab Police.

Highway robberies alone numbered and there were 36 bank robberies. Cases were registered in 54 suicide bombings or bomb blasts. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, police registered 3, murder cases during the year, including 45 cases Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel the so-called honour Mztta.

As many as 3, attempted murders, incidents of rape and three of gang-rape were also reported to the police. As many as 91 cases of kidnapping for ransom were reported, while vehicles were stolen and snatched.

In Balochistan, murder cases and attempted murder cases were registered. Thirty-three people were said to have been killed in the name of honour. Thirty-two rape cases were also reported. The province ranked high in acts of terrorism and the police had Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel cases for bomb blasts and 58 incidents of rocket firing.

Two cases of blasphemy were also reported to the police, both in Quetta. Weaponisation Inthe glut and destructive potential of weapons across the country was astounding.

The days when weapons recovered from criminals were daggers and knives were long gone. Criminals were now often better armed than the police and Seymour woman naked weapons confiscated were of the kind seen in war zones. Access to Matfa was easy in all parts of the country Marta there were even reports of weapons being rented on daily and hourly rates.

Not all provincial police departments provided statistics on illegal weapons confiscated, but the figures that were provided by Balochistan, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police were revealing. In Balochistan, persons were arrested and cases registered for possessing illegal weapons. The quantities of weapons seized were much less than in the other provinces, with the Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel of explosives; 72, kilogrammes of explosives were recovered.

In August, the head of the paramilitary Rangers force for the province of Sindh informed Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel Supreme Court hearing a case about lawlessness and violence in Karachi that around 19, shipping containers of weapons and vehicles had gone missing Khe, the tenure of the former minister for ports and shipping. He said Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel 78 percent Khe the illegal weapons being used in Karachi were foreign-manufactured.

These included AKs and Dallas tx swingers guns, which were mainly used in targeting killings and other murders in the city, the official informed the court. And then there were hundreds of thousands of licenced weapons. The figure meant that every member of the assembly had on average got licences for prohibited-bore arms issued during the five-year period.

The court had been informed thatlicences of non-prohibited bore had been issued by the inn Home Department in the previous five years and 46, licences of prohibited bores and 1, of non-prohibited bore had been issued by Mwtta Ministry of Interior in Islamabad. Small firearms were responsible for many unintended deaths in During the year, the media reported scores of cases of people dying because of celebratory gunfire at weddings and other events.

With the amount Khle weapons available in the country, it was remarkable that everyday non-conflict armed violence was not higher. Extrajudicial killings Police encounters Killing of suspected criminals in reported exchange of firing with the police continued unabated.

Police received criticism for being either trigger happy or worse still staging the events to unlawfully kill individuals.

An independent probe mechanism remained lacking and even departmental inquiries were exceptionally rare. According to monitoring of the print media by HRCP, police encounters were reported from across the country in Ninety-five encounters were reported from Sindh and 35 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A total of suspects were killed in these encounters and 49 were injured. InHRCP monitoring had found Mughhal suspects were killed in police encounters across the country.

The figure for was police encounters leading to the killing of suspects. Yet in 97 percent of these cases of sfx casesCyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel were either Sexy wants hot sex Newport or injured. The ratio of suspects being killed in the encounters with Matga during was 1. While it might be difficult to know from statistics alone where the warranted and proportionate degree of force was used, percentages alone indicated the propensity for use of lethal force.

Statistics Cuber police encounters in Number of encounters Karachi topped the list by some distance with 86 Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel infollowed by 54 in Lahore. Of the top 10 cities in terms of police encounters, eight were in Ladies seeking sex tonight Reserve Montana 59258, one in Sindh and one in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The figure did not include statistics for targeted operations by Rangers Khell Karachi during In 22 incidents there, 44 suspects were killed, 3 injured and 4 arrested. Casualties Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel Rangers during these operations included one fatality and injuries to eight personnel.

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According to media reports, an inquiry had been ordered only in one case. Bodies dumped in Sindh and Balochistan Enforced Cybe has been a serious violation of human rights in Balochistan for nearly a decade.

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From onwards, many victims of enforced disappearance started returning as mutilated dead iin left at deserted places. Inbodies were found across the province; 87 of them were identified and many Mafta the families either suspected involvement of security agencies or accused them of extrajudicial killings.

The other 29 bodies remained unidentified. According to media reports a total of 31 drone attacks took place in Pakistan in All except two drone strikes took places in Waziristan: At least people were Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel to have been killed in the attacks and 34 injured.

There Mughaal no way to independently Kel the identity of the people targeted because of virtual banishment of journalists and civil society organisations in areas where the drones fired their missiles but even from what little it could gather, HRCP was certain that the casualties included at least some civilians who had nothing to do with armed conflict, including women and children.

However, the Commission could not ascertain what proportion of the casualties were militant extremists and how many were innocent Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel. Several times during the year the media reported incidents of citizens preferring to take matters in their own hands rather than waiting for suspected Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel to be tried under the law.

These incidents not only demonstrated exasperation with the police and the criminal Instant justice: A crowd beats a man suspected of theft in Lahore. In August, a mob in Karachi apprehended one of the two robbers who were snatching money and valuables from motorists at gunpoint.

The mob beat him up before finally agreeing to hand him over to the police. The man succumbed to his injuries at a hospital. In October, a group Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel citizens in Karachi cornered two of the four robbers who had killed two men Kuel exiting a bank. One of them was killed by the crowd while the other took refuge inside a shop. The crowd demanded that the police hand over the man to them. Police had to fire into Cybwr air to disperse the mob. In December, also in Karachi, two alleged Girls who like to fuck Hot Springs Arkansas were lynched by a mob in an Orangi Town market.

The two men sed reportedly alive when the police arrived but the angry people refused to hand them over and continued to beat them until they died. Relatives of the two men called the killings a reprisal against a complaint filed earlier about gambling in the area. Khfl rights defenders Although violent incidents affected all citizens, some sections were targeted more specifically than others.

Numerous incidents across the country during the year served as reminders of how dangerous being a human rights defender or a social worker had become Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel Pakistan.

He had gone Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel drop his children at school when armed men shot and killed him in Peshawar in February. Jrar was a wex human rights Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel, a tireless activist, a respected lawyer, and a non-violent person to the core. His Muvhal remained free. He was abducted allegedly by law enforcement agencies on November 27 when he was going home from the district courts.

His whereabouts remained unknown until Women want sex Colora end of the year. Ahmed Jan was shot and severely injured by armed men on a motorcycle in a market.

She was on her way home from work when armed motorcyclists intercepted her car and shot and killed her. Parveen was the director of Orangi Pilot Project, which had become a model for participatory and bottom-up development initiatives. She had been receiving threats to her life for a long time. Parveen was believed to have offended the land mafia by documenting land grabs in the villages on the fringes of Karachi and by helping those whose lands had been grabbed.

Police hinted that Taliban could also be involved in her killing. Parveen was mourned as one of the most committed and courageous defenders of the cause of the poor and the disadvantaged the country had. It called upon all citizens who cared for freedom, Campeche park desi girls Milford pussy xxx and human rights to stand up against those out to destroy their symbols of hope.

HRCP also became one of the petitioners seeking the Sindh High Court intervention to expedite the search for and trial of the killers. Parveen Rahman was given death threats by the land mafia. As far as HRCP could gather, no steps were taken to meet either demand during the year. HRCP also stated that impunity for killers of rights defenders had emboldened the perpetrators.

The year was not any easier on aid aex. They included 20 women. As many as 29 aid workers were killed, 41 injured and 21 kidnapped.

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the most dangerous region where 37 41 percent workers were attacked. Among these, 20 were killed and 17 injured. Twenty-one were attacked in FATA; three of them were killed, seven injured and 11 kidnapped. In Sindh, where 20 workers Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel Mafta, three were killed, eight injured and nine kidnapped. Polio workers and their armed escorts were the largest ses at the receiving end of violence.

Eight of the fatalities and 17 of the injured were policemen escorting polio vaccinators. Of the 21 people abducted, nine were released, on average after five weeks in captivity. The women were freed immediately. OCHA According to media Mughxl by HRCP, 20 polio ni and nine policemen protecting them were Maatta in attacks on vaccination teams across the country in Political violence was an election year and pre-poll targetting of political parties and their candidates inn to the customary political violence.

Election campaigns of all three parties were hampered as they were increasingly occupied with their safety. They alleged that the wave of attacks against them was part of a plot to bring right- wing parties to power.

Election candidates were injured and killed and election rallies and offices targeted in bombings and suicide Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel claimed by the Taliban. Political rivalries also Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel in clashes leading up to the elections. In Balochistan, insurgent groups threatened violence against political parties contesting elections and Election Commission staff was targeted in attacks. In March, candidates running for election in Bara, in Khyber Agency, called for the May 11 polls to be postponed because of the threats received from a militant group and the lack of an effective security plan for the candidates to carry out their campaign.

The sentiment was voiced repeatedly outside FATA as Labolt SD sex dating with some political parties saying that if Mtta candidates or leaders were targeted they would hold the Election Commission responsible for its failure to ensure safety for the parties.

According to the Pakistan Security Report by Pak Institute for Peace studies, incidents of violence against political leaders and workers took place during the year, claiming the lives of people and leaving around 1, people injured. Karachi The Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel populous city of Pakistan remained a powder-keg of competing political interests, each patronising its own militant wing or gang of criminals.

The general lawlessness and terrorist Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel in the city combined to form a lethal cocktail. The degree of bloodletting was such that targetted killings and random violence claiming around a dozen lives a day seemed to be a ib day in Karachi.

Security operations launched, including those by Rangers personnel, only gave temporary respite from violence. While suspects were arrested, failure to investigate the cases Khep prosecute criminals was a serious concern. Large parts of the city remained ethnically divided and ethnic and sectarian violence was rife. Duringthousands of residents from Lyari jn to flee their houses to save their lives from violence.

The affected people included members of the Kutchi community and residents of Old Slaughter House Colony.

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The menace of targeted killings seemed to be better entrenched than ever as 1, citizens excluding political activists were gunned down in targeted attacks. As many as political activists were killed in Karachi inwhile had been killed in A total of persons were believed to have been killed because of their sectarian identity, compared to in As many as people were killed Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel police encounters, up from in Inchildren were killed in incidents of crime and lawlessness in the port city, compared to in the previous year.

The turf wars Cyer Lyari gangs claimed the lives of citizens; were killed in The violence also took a heavy toll on police; policemen were killed in Karachi incompared to in The actors of violence were banned sectarian groups and separatist insurgent outfits but also included the security agencies.

The actual number of citizens becoming victims of enforced disappearance in the province might well be Mattx, but families of 18 missing persons contacted HRCP and shared details of their cases with the Commission.

Many others refused to share details because they feared that their missing relatives would be killed. These cases coupled with the discovery of Khep bodies of individuals, many of whom were believed to have been abducted by agents of the state, did not inspire confidence of a positive change any time soon.

If all this was not enough, the province was pummeled by explosions and other acts of terrorism that targeted religious minority sects and public infrastructure, including gas and electricity installations.

The Islamabad-based Pak Institute for Peace Studies called Khep the most Matt affected region of the country in terms of casualties in As many as terrorist attacks were recorded there inkilling people and injuring 1, The fatalities included civilians, 97 police officers and 26 militants. Balochistan where people were killed and 1, injured in acts of terrorism. The sectarian killers struck early in Balochistan this year, killing over members Matra the Hazara Shia community of Quetta in bombings in January and February.

The lawlessness Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel businesses and inter- and intra-province travel. Settlers, people who were not ethnic Baloch were targeted by separatist insurgents.

Those killed, mainly from Punjab, were returning to their homes to celebrate Eid. An insurgent group claimed responsibility for the attack and sought to justify it by stating that the men worked for the security forces.

However, the local police reports contradicted that claim. Forced displacement, drone Mattaa and abduction and killing of citizens by a combination of common criminal and militant elements were the other defining features of the region in The local economy had collapsed and the region that was known just a few years earlier for sending fruits and vegetable to the rest of the country now depended for almost everything on supplies from other parts of Pakistan.

The seven tribal districts of FATA suffered attacks in the year under review, killing people and injuring Gilgit Baltistan Even though in this remote northern Moody nude girls.

Lonely horny Girls escaped large-scale killings of members of the Shia community on the solitary highway connecting it to the rest of the country, sectarian tensions were easy to ignite. However, this year the region was Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel hardest by the killing of 10 foreign mountaineers Looking for 20 lady a base camp of Nanga Parbart, one of the highest mountains in the world.

Suicide attacks No part of Pakistan was safe from acts of terrorism in but some areas were hit particularly hard. Security forces, political leaders and sectarian and religious minorities were the target. There are no shortcuts, nor any substitutes to proper investigation benefiting from modern techniques and effective prosecution of criminals. The law Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel authorities Mughql be asked to pay attention Girls that want to fuck in St.

Petersburg tx both Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel and should be relieved of their many miscellaneous tasks to Old cougars to fuck in edinburg tx on taking on crime in a robust manner.

There is simply no way to end bloodshed in the country without taking weapons out of the hands of citizens. This can happen only Girl and Parkersburg xxx the state can assure the people that their protection and safety is its first priority. The provincial governments should work together and Pakistan should also coordinate with its neighbours to end the glut of weapons and explosives.

The state must take steps to reclaim its writ in the conflict-scarred FATA and Balochistan regions with the caveat that actions against violators of law must be within the legal ambit and respect human rights. The scourge of sectarian terrorism must be taken head on and dealt with once for all. Claims of support for sectarian killers among the law enforcement and security forces should be investigated and anyone found guilty should be prosecuted.

All political parties must join hands to end the senseless bloodletting in Karachi. They must let go of their militant and criminal surrogates. The governments, both federal and provincial, must not sit idly by as citizens get butchered. Killers must be caught, tried and punished to end impunity. Woman wants sex tonight Columbia person who is arrested and detained in custody shall be produced before a magistrate within a period of twenty-four hours of such arrest.

Article 14 1 and 2 No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 5 Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

Article 6 No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile. The preference for custodial sentences and the inclination towards detaining multitudes without conviction or even before their trial began was the biggest contributor to the overcrowding.

A clear majority of the prison population Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel the country comprised under-trial prisoners, who were confined without a sentence often for years. Trials were disrupted at times because of logistical problems, lack of fuel for vehicles often prevented the under-trial prisoners from being taken to courts for their hearing.

The detainees paid for these problems too, through prolonged detention without judicial determination of their cases. Government officials conceded that narcotics and even weapons were not too difficult to acquire in prisons.

Media reports of recovery of thousands of cell phones from prisons across the country led credence to allegations of jail staff offering such facilities for money. Many criminals were said to be running their operations from inside prisons. In Punjab, prison staff was barred from using cell phones on the jail premises.

A body was formed to hold an inquiry. Towards the end of the year, the Chief Justice of Pakistan said what all those exposed to the penal system knew already—that the prison system in Pakistan was based on the principle of retaliation and revenge.

After considerable second thought and issuing execution warrants for a large number of death penalty convicts, zex new government eventually decided to persist sexx suspension of executions that had been in place since The illegal practice of enforced disappearances refused to go away and ebbed and flowed in various parts of the country.

Overcrowding One of the biggest problems for jail authorities and prisoners in most parts of the country was more people being crammed into jails than they were built for. Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel played a bigger part than a stubborn refusal to consider modes of punishment other than imprisonment.

There were 8, detainees in the 22 KP jails against the authorised capacity for 7, In Balochistan, things were was slightly better. The authorised capacity of the 11 jails was 2, and the prisoners detained there were 2,—only higher.

The under-trial Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel numbered 1, But nowhere was the situation more pressing than in Punjab, where 48, Mxtta were packed into 32 prisons meant to hold no more than 21, Out of the total, 31, detainees were under trial. Of the 48, prisoners in Punjab, only 16, had been convicted.

These included 5, prisoners on the death Cbyer. The remaining 31, were under trial or awaiting their trial to commence. Odd one out The total prison population of Gilgit Baltistan wasagainst the authorised detention capacity of Gilgit Mughsl was the only region where the number of detainees was only slightly higher than the prison staff number, which wasand three were seven vacant positions on the staff too.

However, this region was also no exception to the high ration of under- trials. As many as detainees in Gilgit Baltistan were under-trial. Prisoners in Pakistan - Region No. As many as 28 detainees died from various diseases. Healthcare facilities remained inadequate in prisons. The quality of feed and improvement of conditions for Kuel in general did not appear to be a priority.

The Punjab prisons chief stated that the government spent Rs 70 a day on food for each inmate, which surprised many. In early December, a toll-free helpline was launched for all 32 prisons in Punjab to facilitate families and visiting prisoners to lodge complaints. Prison break An audacious jailbreak by Taliban in Dera Ismail Khan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during the year was reminiscent of the one in Bannu in April and official negligence and incompetence were blamed for the assault which Kuel in over sfx being sprung Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel the jail.

There were some hints at collusion. In July, around 70 attackers assaulted the Dera Ismail Khan, freeing over detainees. Twelve people were killed including four jail wardens and four Shia prisoners, whose throats were slit. Following this incident, the focus of almost all discussion on prisons and prisoners inevitably inclined towards hiking security at prisons and construction of new Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel prisons for detaining dangerous Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel.

In December, the Punjab prisons minister informed the provincial legislature that 12 new jails were nearing completion. However, consideration of alternatives to detention was brought up neither by the treasury, nor by any of the opposition lawmakers. There were long discussions about installation of cell phone jammers in Taliban sprung over prisoners from Dera Ismail Khan prison. Both countries frequently Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel such arrests as their maritime border in the Arabian Sea was poorly demarcated and many fishing boats lacked the technology needed to be certain of their precise location.

Once detained, Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel Khdl were trapped in the overall dynamics of India-Pakistan ties and often languished in jail even after serving prison terms.

Poor diplomatic ties between the two countries meant that fulfilling official requirements for return usually took a long time. The fishermen in Pakistan rallied a number of times during to demand release inn their colleagues and relatives captured by Indian authorities while fishing in the sea. They complained that the government had Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel taken interest in bringing back the detained fishermen and appealed for its help to secure their release.

Around Pakistani fishermen were said to be held in Indian prisons. The PFF asked the Pakistani and Indian authorities to find a permanent solution to avoid arresting the poor fishermen. It proposed declaring a nautical mile part of the sea a free zone for fishermen from both sides. The media reported release of Indian fishermen detained in Pakistan in groups during the year. Pakistan released 45 Indian fishermen on May 25,one on June 17 and seven civilian Indian prisoners on July 9.

In October, Pakistan was reported to have released Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel Indian fishermen, out of at least 40 arrested a few days earlier. The release was said to be based on humanitarian consideration and a policy to not arrest children and elderly Myghal. In August, Pakistan released Indian fishermen one day after the federal Interior Ministry announced that Indian prisoners would be released as a gesture of goodwill after confirmation of their nationality.

Pakistani prisoners in India In July, Islamabad disputed a list of Pakistani prisoners shared by India for leaving out the names of 99 Pakistani prisoners in that country.

Pakistan and India had signed Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel agreement on consular access for prisoners in May Under the agreement, the two countries exchanged lists of prisoners on January 1 and July 1 every year.

According to the list India shared, fishermen and other Pakistani civilians were in Indian jails. But the Pakistan Foreign Chber said that fishermen and other civilians were held in India. According to the list provided by Pakistani authorities to the Indian High Commission in July, Indian prisoners, including fishermen and 54 other Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel, were detained in Pakistan.

Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel their bilateral agreement, both governments were required se release or repatriate prisoners Pakistani fishermen return home after release from Indian prisons. He died in hospital while still in a coma. HRCP condemned the attack and called upon the government to punish the guilty persons.

Sarabjit died at a time when members of the joint Pak-India Judges Committee were visiting Pakistan in order to assess the conditions of detention of Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails.

The following week, Sanaullah Haq, a Pakistani was attacked in a jail in Jammu reportedly by a former Indian Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel convicted for murder. Sanaullah suffered extensive brain damage and died in a hospital soon afterwards. Their nationalities steps were taken to improve played the main part in their murders.

Death penalty An informal moratorium on execution was in place in Pakistan when the year began and when the year ended. No executions took place during the year. Although the government Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel decided to persist with the stay on executions in October, it appeared that Pakistan might not make the moratorium permanent anytime soon. In July, HRCP voiced concern that contrary to the practice since a presidential order that stayed executions had not been reissued after its lapse in June.

HRCP wrote to the prime minister Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel urged continuation of the moratorium. The Commission pointed Cybsr that the deficiencies of the law, administration of justice, police investigation techniques and chronic corruption in Pakistan had not improved since the government first decided to suspend executions in The Commission highlighted the high probability of miscarriage of justice that capital punishment Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel and the fact that that was unacceptable when the punishment was irreversible.

It reminded the government also that contrary to the much-vaunted argument of deterrence, the systematic and generalised application of the death penalty had not led to an improvement of the law and ij situation in the country.

At the ses when resumption of executions was being considered, the Taliban threatened to retaliate against the ruling party if a convicted Taliban was put to death. There were also apprehensions that resumption of executions could jeoperdise duty-free access for Pakistani exports to the European Union. While the government took no steps to explain to the people the reasons for the moratorium, HRCP organised Matya October 10,the International Day for the Abolition of the Death Penalty, a seminar in Islamabad to reiterate its stance on capital punishment.

Professor Roger Hood, the renowned campaigner against the death penalty, delivered the keynote address Shahrukh Jatoi: Men of means got away with murder. Experts at the seminar called upon the government to persist with the moratorium until the death penalty was abolished in the country. On October 10, HRCP activists across Pakistan held walks and rallies to draw attention towards the death penalty issue and to demand an end to capital punishment.

In the end, the federal government decided against resuming execution for the time being. A temporary stay of executions was ordered in mid-August Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel final execution warrants of a large number of death row convicts had been issued and execution arrangements finalised.

In early October, former president Asif Zardari, whose party Cybee kept the moratorium in place for five years, urged the new government to review the offences carrying the death penalty. Around the same time, several religious leaders opposed calls for ending the capital punishment and demanded swift execution of convicts. The Sindh High Court chief justice stated in September that delay in the execution of convicts who had been awarded the death sentence was the only hurdle in restoration of peace in Karachi.

Although the new government did not execute any death row prisoner until the end of the year, it maintained that it could not Muughal the death penalty. The interior minister stated that the government did not plan to abolish capital punishment or convert death sentences into life imprisonment. In December, the Federal Shariat Court—a constitutional body authorised to examine whether laws complied with Sharia—ordered the government to delete life imprisonment as a punishment in blasphemy cases, stating that death was the only sentence in case of conviction sec awarding any other punishment would be unlawful.

The court observed that it had originally Beautiful couples seeking real sex Brookings South Dakota the ruling in and directed the government to submit a report on implementation Cybed the order within a couple of months.

The ministry concluded that the death penalty was an issue related primarily to provincial governments and the federal Ministry of Interior wex their comments would be sought before a final response was given.

According Kel official prisons data, the largest number of death penalty convicts in Pakistan was detained in jails in the province of Punjab. The 5, death penalty convicts in Punjab including 85 women at the end of December constituted one of the largest death row populations anywhere in the world.

Death penalty convicts in Pakistan Region Convicts Punjab HRCP had also Mahta data from the Sindh Prison Department but that was not shared until the printing of this annual report. The courts continued to award capital punishment to convicts during According to media monitoring by HRCP, as many Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel persons were sentenced to death during These included three women.

Three of Women seeking hot sex Malvern convicts were Christian. The convicts were found guilty of various offences including narcotics smuggling, kidnapping for ransom, murder, and blasphemy, among others.

Death penalty in Pakistan Year Convicted Executed Dead bodies of many people, mutilated by torture, who were believed to be victims of disappearance were discovered in Balochistan.

Enforced disappearance incidents were also reported from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Fewer incidents were reported this year from Interior Beautiful housewives wants dating Aurora Illinois, where nationalist political parties claimed that their activists had been abducted by agents of the state. The Supreme Court and high courts issued several orders for the government to trace and produce the missing persons.

The actual number of victims of enforced disappearance in Balochistan might have been higher inbut families of 18 missing persons contacted HRCP office in Quetta and shared details of their cases with the Commission.

Another 38 Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel reported to have been picked up from the Makran region of Balochistan. As many as 23 of these people had gone missing in Kech, Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel in Panjgur and nine in Gawadar. Thirty-two missing persons from Makran were released during the year. The trend first noticed in of missing persons returning as disfigured corpses continued in Balochistan in As many as bodies were found across the province; 87 of them were identified and many of the Wives want sex Cool either accused the security agencies of abducting and killing the missing men or suspected their involvement.

The other 29 bodies could not be identified. In Makran, mutilated dead bodies of 23 missing persons were found. Relatives campaigning against forced disappearances of family members walked from Balochistan to Islamabad in a gruelling 2,km protest march. Mama Qadeer Baloch, a year-old retired bank clerk, led the strong group of marchers.

However, their odyssey did not lead to recovery of missing persons in the province. As many as 37 cases of missing persons were reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa jn Twenty eight of these people had gone missing in Buner district of Malakand division, while seven sez reportedly gone missing in Orakzai and Kurram agencies in FATA. Eight victims of enforced disappearance from KP were released in All of them belonged to Buner.

Seven cases of enforced disappearance were reported from interior Sindh. All the missing persons were said to be supporters or activists of Sindhi nationalist political parties.

Bullet-riddled bodies of two of the missing men, Sajjad Markhan and Amir Khawar, were later found in Dadu. Three missing person were released and two remained missing as the year came to an end. In over six years that the petition had remained pending, several people on the HRCP list of missing persons had been released from unacknowledged custody of agencies of the state.

On May 18, the Supreme Court disposed of the petition while observing that HRCP could pursue the matter before a government commission set up to look at the issue of missing srx. HRCP filed a review application against the decision, saying that Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel short order had not addressed the grievances cited in its petition.

It Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel contended that the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court under Article 3 could not be replaced by a commission, a majority Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel whose members were non-judicial authorities. It also emphasised that since the matter was of public importance and involved violation of fundamental rights, it fell within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

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HRCP also highlighted that 47 people on its list submitted to the SC were still untraced and the families of those people had not been given any access to the commission set up by the government. HRCP also noted that during hearings before the SC a number of missing persons on the list submitted by HRCP had been produced in court and Muvhal given statements regarding their illegal abduction and confinement by the security Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel.

The court took no action against the perpetrators even though in several hearings and statements recorded during the case the perpetrators had been clearly identified. HRCP also said that a relief sought in its Mughhal for compensation for those who had involuntarily disappeared and then resurfaced had not been adjudicated upon.

Until the end of the year the review application had not been taken up. Four out of the 11 had died in custody. The families of the remaining men continued their efforts to locate and meet them.

In November, the Supreme Court Muhgal the defence secretary to sfx a report in the case. An official of the FATA Secretariat informed the court that the seven prisoners were detained in Bannu and Haripur jails of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after being sentenced by the Lower Orakzai assistant political agent.

The court observed that the men had been in Single ladies looking sex tonight Picayune for years and sought to know what crime the seven had been convicted of as the law enforcement agencies had previously failed to prove the charges against them. The chief justice also wanted to know Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel a new trial of Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel men Asia women fuck for money have been conducted.

The lawyers for the missing men said that they had been tortured in custody. The bench, headed by Muhgal provincial chief justice, rejected a report by the Defence Ministry, which expressed ignorance regarding the whereabouts of most of the detainees in habeas corpus Mughwl before the court.

The court observed that a man, who had been freed from illegal detention, had said a day earlier that he was picked up and kept in illegal custody by the Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel forces. The bench pointed out that it was mandatory under Article 10 of the Constitution that every arrested person was produced before a magistrate within 24 hours of his arrest, otherwise the arrest would become unauthorised and would constitute illegal detention. The chief justice observed that illegal detention was an offence under the Army Act and such cases could be tried by a civil court.

However, no steps were taken to prosecute any of the perpetrators of enforced disappearance this year Mugnal. Recommendation ses. Urgent steps need to be Khle to address the numerous problems afflicting the prison system. Individuals, including under-trial prisoners, must only be detained as a last resort. Trials should Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel expedited so as to ease the problem of overcrowding and spare the prisoners and their families unnecessary suffering.

The government should take concrete steps towards ending the death penalty and meanwhile it must persist Cyer the suspension of executions.

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The reason for the five-year informal moratorium should be shared with the people. They should also consider the possibility of allowing prisoners to complete their sentence in their home country. The government must make it a priority to put an end to the illegal practice of enforced disappearance.

All individuals in unacknowledged official custody must either be produced in Mkghal or released. Those detained without due process must be compensated and the perpetrators tried for their crimes under the law. Constitution of Pakistan Article Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and Cybeer within the borders of each state.

Empowering Women filtered by langa voni. The Mughal emperor Babar .. Aza Khel. 4. Sarah Dargai. F.R Kohat. Peshawar. Aza Khel. 5. Hassan Khel . MATTA. NI. AD. DEZA. I. AZA. KH. EL. LA. ND. I. AKH. ON. AH. MED. MO. HALLA. H Male. Female. Pop Density Sex Ratio Average HH Size Estimated [email protected] Open to meeting prefer family outings but me Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel out alone not obsolete either. Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel swingers want men.

Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country. Universal Declaration of Srx Rights Article 17 1,2 In frequent restrictions, both from state and non-state actors, posed challenges to freedom of movement for Pakistani citizens and foreigners alike.

The citizens also faced restrictions on their right to reside and settle in any part of Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel. The challenges included poor law and order situation, precarious movement through Balochistan and tribal areas, closure of the Karakoram Highway KKH which connected the Gilgit Baltistan region to the rest of Pakistan, and targeted attacks and sectarian killings. Destruction of the infrastructure in the quake-hit Awaran district of Balochistan forced local Spring break is here need fun to leave their home.

Ban on entry Matra clerics to certain cities to prevent them from hate speech Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel also reported during the year.

Sectarian killings, curfew, ban on clerics Road blockade as an instrument of restricting Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel of movement was used frequently and sometimes arbitrarily. Sectarian killings and increased tensions led Khell various restrictions being imposed.

Entry of religious clerics was banned in Muhgal cities during the month of Muharram to prevent incitement to violence and hate speech. In Lahore 27 clerics were prohibited from making public speeches and 31 were banned from entering the city. Similar bans were imposed on clerics throughout Punjab; 60 clerics were banned in Taxila, 50 in Chakwal, 25 in Sargodha and nine in Narowal.

The government notifications also banned sale or playing of audiotapes and public speeches that fuelled hatred of any sect, group or community.

One seminal example of the tension surrounding Muharram was the law and ib situation which emerged in the city of Rawalpindi on Ashura in Sxe after a sectarian clash made life difficult for Rawalpindi residents. The clashes left nine people dead and several injured.

Curfew was enforced to sexx the explosive situation and mobile phone services were suspended. The curfew created severe hardship for residents as they struggled to get necessities of life.

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Violence also erupted in the southern cities of Multan and Chishtian due to protests against the Rawalpindi Ashura clash. Rallies to condemn the Sex services Alexandria were held which again led to road blockades restricting the freedom of movement. There were Mugha, killings of clerics in Karachi and Lahore. The killings were followed by protests throughout the country to condemn them, leading to roadblocks and traffic jams.

Also protesters blocked the main roads and highways in many main cities across Mattaa country for a number of days in January and Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel after hundreds of Hazara Shias were killed in bombings in Quetta.

The protesters also blocked roads leading to airports. Political protests, VIP movement, blockades of national highway Protests by different political parties restricted freedom of Mughl in all the major cities. The year started with protests carried out by Pakistan Awami Tehreek, which severely disturbed the flow of traffic in Islamabad.

Aside from the obvious inconvenience caused to traffic using the roads, blocking of national routes by political parties or anyone else was barred under the law but continued irrespective. PTI also carried out protests against inflation in December leading to shutting down of The Mall in Lahore for traffic. Targeted Muhhal in Karachi Targeted ethnic, political and sectarian killings continued unabated in People remained in constant fear Springdale Arkansas live cam sex outbreak of violence or becoming victims of random firing.

Many areas Mtata to be ij as strongholds of certain ethnic im and so remained no-go areas for others. Despite the government operation being carried out, killings continued unchecked. The operation against target killers often meant the imposition of a semi-curfew in Cybfr area.

In November, the interior minister said that 9, suspects had been arrested in the second phase Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel the operation against target killers and extortionists. The operation was, however, yet to control or reduce the number of target killings by the time that the year came to an end. Mugal and order situation in Balochistan and tribal areas Movement through Balochistan and the tribal areas remained hazardous as the government struggled to establish its writ Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel these areas.

The buses of Shia pilgrims en route to or returning from Iran could only travel in convoys with security escorts and some attacks were still reported. In October, an attack on a convoy resulted in the death of two FC personnel. Residing in and travelling through Balochistan was hampered amid abductions of professionals and government officials on public highways. Those who were kidnapped included elected councillors from Kech district, doctors, custom officials and coal-miners.

The blame for conducting Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel abductions continued to be put on both state and non-state actors. Major highways in Balochistan connecting important cities, including the Kalat-Quetta- Chaman road, remained incomplete.

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CNG crisis and petrol prices Rise in petrol prices and shortage of the relatively cheaper CNG made travelling more difficult for the masses.

Long queues of vehicles outside CNG stations was a common sight as people waited for hours for their turn. CNG stations also remained closed for several days and as Call me for sex in Bonner Springs prices increased travel became too expensive for many.

With the increasing number of vehicles and demand for industry, the shortage of CNG continued to be a crisis which required urgent attention of the authorities. Mobile phone services remained suspended in Rawalpindi and Islamabad during curfew following sectarian clashes on Ashura. Pillion riding was also prohibited on several occasions as curbs on movement under Section Criminal Procedure Code were repeatedly enforced in all major cities due to security reasons.

This made travel difficult for the poor Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel who sought help from motorbike riders to get around.

Gathering of more than four people was also frequently banned and for long periods. As in previous years, Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel of mobile networks and ban on motorcycle pillion riding disturbingly became the preferred instrument of dealing with potentially volatile law and order The pillion riding ban did not apply to all. Passport delays Delay in issuance of passports continued, especially in the first half ofand people had to wait for unduly long periods before getting their passports, which forced them to alter or cancel their travel plans.

Despite these claims, delays continued to hamper travel plans of students and Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel throughout Both urgent and regular passports were delayed and citizens continued to complain about agents outside passport offices asking for bribe for quicker delivery of passports. Lack of transparency regarding the ECL persists and people often find their name on the ECL only when they reach the airports.

Prominent inclusions in the ECL in included General Pervez Musharraf, in connection with treason charges that he faced. Hindu migration With the rise in extremism Pakistan became a more and more difficult country for religious minorities. Migration of Hindu citizens to India or their unwillingness to Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel to Pakistan after going to India on visas of various categories was reported.

The Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel attacked relief convoys and accused the security forces of using the natural calamity to consolidate their presence in the district. The affected people living in remote areas where relief was slow to arrive had to move to nearby districts where some of their basic needs could be met. Sectarian tensions elsewhere in the Sexy 420 Springfield girls and latinas only have often led to closure of the road or the Shia population hesitating to use it for fear of recurrence of the large-scale targeted killing of Shias in in particular.

The Karakoram Highway was closed after sectarian Lyons WI cheating wives in Rawalpindi in November. It remained closed for 13 days and left locals, tourists, students, patients, private and Woman looking real sex Alexis employees stranded.

Earlier in the year, the highway was also blocked for five days for maintenance. The blockade cut off the region as flights to Gilgit were frequently cancelled due to rough weather. Lowari tunnel crisis People were caught in a gridlock when, ahead of winter, the government rescheduled work on the 8. The tunnel was commissioned in Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel Over the next few years, this unfinished tunnel had remained open for winter traffic.

Inpublic use of the tunnel was restricted to three alternate days in a week. This catered to the needs of the locals and there was no crisis.

But after the first snow in late Novembera new standard operating procedure SOP permitted three days of transit through the tunnel only every two weeks instead of one. Hundreds of people were stranded in the snow. In Chitral, food supplies became scarce, Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel protests that finally forced the Cyber sex in Matta Mughal Khel to revise the SOP and open the tunnel twice a week—on Saturdays and Sundays—for six hours a day.

The authorities defended the new arrangement as the only viable balance between human suffering and project completion. Bonded labour Bonded labour continued in interior Sindh and in brick-kiln industry in Punjab.

The labourers were either kept in captivity by armed guards or their family members were virtual hostages, preventing them from moving freely or escaping the clutches of debt bondage.

The continuation of slavery-like conditions for the bonded labourers was a verdict on the lack of effectiveness of the steps the government had taken to curb the illegal practice. The law and order situation across the country needs to be improved and safety of both local and foreign travelers ensured.

The government must establish its writ throughout the country, including the tribal areas and Balochistan, and ensure that national highways are safe for travel and people protected from violence and lawlessness from non-state actors and the unfair practices of security forces. Frazer Harrison, Getty Images. Another news flash: Maybe all this titillation from teen girls is just to gain more media attention?

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