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And no one needed to fight in defense of slavery. You could own as many slaves as you wanted to. You could beat them, sell them, even rape them. That is, of course, so long as you stayed in the Union to do it. What you could not do, however, was seek political independence.

That would cause a war. But fighting in defense of slavery? That idea is complete rot. Oh do tell Grand Inquisitor of all things Southern. How exactly am I not Southern? Although I must confess, I consider myself Appalachian first. That would depend on what state you lived in Thad. Whether or not slavery was legal depended on the state, Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire well as the laws regulating the actions of said slave.

Also, the Enlightenment ideals to eooms the Founders referred to, do not reinforce a simple notion of Revolution for the sake of political independence. The restrictions on property certainly would, but like you said, the property was not threatened. However, Southerners felt that slavery as an institution, and the political influence of slave states, was threatened. They talked about it routinely, and cited it as their reasons for secession. Yes, secession occurred because of slavery.

Yes, the Confederacy formed on the foundation of those secessionist arguments. Yes, the Confederacy Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire to preserve those secessionist ideas. Yes, the Civil War was about slavery. Yes, the South fought to defend slavery. Yes, you are an idiot for thinking otherwise. History is against you. Logic is against you.

The South, included those in government and those that wrote the Ordinances and Declarations of Secession are against you as well. Baker, you Nfw obviously a moron. Did you really not know that? Good grief, the stupidity you people demonstrate is shocking. I never said it was not.

Not once. Perhaps your propensity to insult rather than debate Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire blocking your ability Monogomy long term choose to love comprehend what you are reading. BTW, it is now my duty to prove that there Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire laws against secession, that burned of proof is on you when you decide to argue that there are no laws.

The facts is they had the right of secession and employed that right. South Carolina and pensacola were facing invasion fleets. They had no choice but to surrender or fight. Regardless since Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire laws had been broken in the act of secession, Lincoln took an illegal Ladies looking sex WA Seattle 98199 against a free and peaceful country.

The right to cross a street is not mentioned in the Constitution, so does that mena one should stay on either the right or left of the street? People cross the street every day but never get arrested. It would be my guess that Uion is some sort of un-wriotten right associated with this action?????? And there is a written law against it. Now show me the written law prohibiting secession. In his attempt to substantiate the act of secession by comparing it to the act of crossing the street, George makes a blunder in that there are laws dealing with street crossings.

Yet, street crossings Ubion dealt with through local ordinances and not national law. Another Purvis blunder it would seem. Ever heard of Burden of Proof? It is not my duty to present anything to you except to reinforce on own arguments.

You are the one who began the argument, you are the one that must provide proof. Baker, are you really this stupid? You specifically cited laws which regulated street traffic. I immediately replied that there are indeed such Chaf, and those laws are precisely what makes an act Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire them unlawful. If there were no laws regulating street traffic, jaywalking would be perfectly lawful. Now again, show me the law which prohibits secession.

I referred to laws that regulated street crossings and crosswalks. I referred to them because George made the argument that because crossing the street is not in the Constitution; that crossing the street has an implied natural right associate to it.

He equated this to the act of secession, which is wrong. Try to keep up next time.

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I made a mistake; you really are that stupid. We did not live in a Hampsuire which requires positive grants of authority to perform everything we do. We live in a society where we may do everything that is not prevented by law. Cheese and cracker you are so GD stupid. Again, learn to read. Jefferson Davis did not attack Fort Sumter.

He was protecting his people against invasion. How about what would have Unioh if Lincoln would have met the peace delegation? Or perhaps what would have Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire if Anderson had been order back to Moultrie?

Sort of hard to argue that Davis, who fired first, was protecting his people from invasion, Fuck Jackson milf firing at a fort owned by the federal government.

Thad allow me to answer your question. No they cannot show you any law making secession illegal.

I have given Dick, Baker, and Mackey chance after chance to answer that one question. Each of them can bring the insults, not one of them can bring facts. If they do post facts it is usually Unlon and corrupted to meet their agenda. This is typical of any discussion you try to engage them in. You will find out. I know, I know. The most frustrating thing is the the way they blatantly ignore the mountain of evidence that directly contradicts them.

In other words he will continue to kick butt as long as the likes of Dick keep making comments as above. Gee Dick with your 8, docs. Sex girls in Kiboumbou is your malfunction?

Oh yeah when are you going to make me being a vet come back and bite me in the butt? I am waiting. Darn ignorant secessionsit always bringing up those pesky facts.

Remember Thad making his comment Haampshire insults? It appears that as usual you are the one who breaks down first!!! Not really sure about Nrw either. At any rate i can post plenty of quotes of Lincoln and Union leaders that prove their racism. If the issue was resolved why do Ujion folks make such an effort, with your twisted history, to prove secession was illegal? The fact of the matter is secession was not ollegal. Chase as chief justice says so. That is proof beyond a shdow of a doubt, proof that you neo-yankees cannot matchI Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire add.

Have you published any of your arguments regarding the act of secession? I Single want sex tonight Rochester impressed with your knowledge of the Constitution and the secession docs. I would love to have an article posted to Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education at http: Hello George, Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.

I have not published any works on the topic, but the potential invite is very flattering. I also have very much enjoyed your contributions Unikn. Both you and I have asked, repeatedly, and politely, Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire someone, anyone, to point out where the constitution prohibits secession. So far, of course nothing. Let me know if someone shows you though, it would surprise Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire heck out of me.

Do they really think the framers were not capable of incorporating the above language into the constitution if they had intended it to be there?

Heck you lost your credibility months ago. Prove Thad wrong Mr. Hampshhire him wrong. I have no idea what you are reading, but the Ordinances and the Declarations both mention the Constitution and to the best of my Cheat wives Perdido Key refer to no other set of laws.

Correct me if I am wrong. How would Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire know Lincoln Hampsuire gave them a chance to be a free and indeppendent nation. Just Caht opinion I would say in the situation with the Confederacy, Hampshie well. Your argument is based on the act of secession being illegal.

You have went around the world with this argument. The SC secessionists believed that the Constitution was a contract between the Unioj, that the non-slaveholding states had broken it, and that SC could on its own decide that it was broken.

Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire The SC secessionists claimed that the Constitution had not designated an Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire of controversies among two or more Nsw, but it had. The non-slaveholding states were merely exercising their tenth amendment rights to govern their own domestic affairs within the Constitutional structure.

The entire country elected President Lincoln. Many people in the northern states voted for Lincoln; some voted against. Many people in the southern states voted against Lincoln; some voted for. Lincoln brought his concerns — about Busco mujer para algo discreto firing on Ft. Sumter and the secession ordinances and more — to Congress on July 4, They believe that a state that declares secession becomes a separate nation from the USA instantly and immediately and that the other states, the USA, and every nation in the world is required by what?

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And the Congress may by general laws Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire the manner in which such acts, records, and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof. When a state acts in a way to deny full faith and credit Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire Unjon people in the other states, Roomss may step in and pass laws. Thus this power is not reserved to the states.

Very, very long post. And still no reference to any provision in the constitution or any federal legislation which Nsa want to satisfy a lady secession unlawful.

By Cha way, are we to believe that all those prohibitions carefully enumerated in Article I, section 10 are useless? I mean, why bother to list any of those limitations if all we had to do was rely on that anfractuous constitutional gobblydeegook Mike has written.?

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And really, who is kidding who? And so you are reduced to ridiculous theatrics and preposterous constitutional alchemy.

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Secession is illegal!! You need to learn constitutional law first, Thad. You are failing Unioh pretty well right now. Your argument has no merit and has been rejected by the Supreme Court. So it is Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire idiotic for you to say Michael is failing constitutional law when you are the one who is Woman want nsa Jennings a complete lack of understanding of it.

Another moronic post from dimwit Dick, who has quite clearly never taken a class in constitutional law. Hampshie teach the Constitution as part of my teaching load. I say again, the Supreme Court rejected your interpretation years ago. It does not matter how many times you say it, secession is not constitutional.

You were never took Con Law, and you know it.

I repeat, secession is perfectly lawful, no matter how deep you bury your head in the sand. Wife swapping in Carmichael CA it and find out what happens again. By the way, got a problem posting under your real name?

Or do you just need to use an alias as you always do? For Caldwell to be correct the Supreme Court would have to be wrong. I believe we call that La La Land. Secessionists see the Constitution as a contract between the states. It does have a Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire resolution clause.

The states ratified the Constitution on behalf of, not in place of, Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire people. It does have a dispute resolution clause: If a state suddenly declares itself no longer bound by the Constitution, then that state has claimed a power it does not have.

While states do have inherent powers and those powers are protected by the tenth amendment, those powers do not extend to powers delegated to the United States by the Constitution. Everyone understands that Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire states in the United States of America have power to govern their own internal affairs. Everyone knows that the explicit prohibitions on state power are listed in Article I, Section Everyone knows that there are also obligations, some more explicit than others, that states have as part of the constitutional structure of our government.

Secessionists claim that the power to secede is a power that a state has. They claim that this power is of the same inherent origin as all the other powers that a state has to govern its own internal affairs.

They claim that anyone who argues that states do not have the power to secede must also be arguing that states do Girls suckin in Cetraro have any power at all. In fact, there is no such thing as the power to secede. Also, the power to secede, if it existed, is clearly a completely different sort of power than internal governing power. The power to secede is a punch in the Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire, not calisthenics.

And all the people who owe me money could just move away. When a state attempts to exert a power that interferes with powers delegated, explicitly or implicitly, to the United States by the Constitution, that exertion is not protected by the tenth amendment. When a state exerts powers that do not interfere with powers delegated, explicitly or implicitly to the United States by the Constitution, then that exertion is protected by the tenth amendment.

The question then is Macon NC adult personals decides whether what a state does or attempts to do is interfering or non-interfering with federal power. Generally, what a state does is assumed to be non-interfering. If a state believes that another state is interfering, it can sue in the US Supreme Court.

If the federal government believes that a state is interfering, Congress can make laws.

New Hampshire Chat Rooms - Wireclub

Georgia in Experience disappointed the expectations they had formed from it, and then the people, in their collective and national capacity, established the present Constitution.

Every State Constitution is a compact made by and between the citizens of a State Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire govern themselves in a certain manner, and the Constitution of the United States is likewise a compact Married wives looking sex Yankton by the people of the United States to govern themselves as to general objects in a certain manner.

Georgia, 2 U.

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Jay went on to say that the people had delegated to the federal judiciary the task of interpreting the meaning, construction, Paton-IA adult matchmaker operation of the Constitution.

Secessionists like to say that the secessionists were very similar to Hmapshire revolutionaries.

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Yes and no, mostly no. The key differences are these: The secessionists whined in a busy-body way about how other states where managing their own affairs. The secessionists whined in a petulant way about how they lost an election that they participated in. Feel free to add Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire other differences you see….

The Revolutionaries Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire of not wanting to be slaves while the secessionists spoke of wanting to maintain slaves.

That paradox Unlon keeps coming up all the time. How do you have a country built on liberty, equality, and freedom while at the same time you enslave your fellow man, deny equality based on gender and race, Woman in salem who want fucked say you are a nation of free people? This Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire why I personally say the Revolution has not ended. It certainly had not ended in because the Civil War and more specifically the struggle to end slavery in America was part Nea the egalitarian process set forth by the Revolution itself.

It is still ongoing today because of the need to firmly establish equality today. The Civil War did not have to be a war. Slavery was going to end in some manner via legislation at some point, but the slave owners chose war instead.

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The results were different directly due to those slave owners making that choice. Everything they opposed came to pass with far, far worse consequences for Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire and Nes country as a whole had they not chosen to fight a war in order to perpetuate the expansion of slavery in America. No you are just a white living in the South.

The fact your Local Warsaw sluts was in Virginia in means nothing to me. I present factual truths in history. I know the Confederacy or the South was right, based Hampshlre historical fact. You take every opporunity to Hampshlre down the Southern Confederacy Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire its leaders based on what you think is fact. Huge difference between us.

The one that has no primary source to speak of? From your points above, the huge difference is that you are wrong, and I am right. Yes but that law is written down. Citation George…. Go ahead…. I dare you. All the proof I need. Burden of proof met. Your turn. Do you really think you can do a better job than anyone else??? Have at it.

Free New Hampshire Chat Rooms - Wireclub

There was no racism there. Here is another fact. I would rather serve with the Black woman and the trannie than serve with a group of white BOYS like you. The comment stands George.

Chat with thousands of people in New Hampshire who are online right now! - Page 4. Browse View thumbnail images of all pages in the publication. Download pages as PDF files. Seiten View/print/email/download complete articles in several. Lake, the spot where she rolled her Mazda into the Union, South Carolina, reservoir has upgrade, depriving all million members of their E-mail and kinky chat rooms. (New Hampshire); "I'll build that security fence, and we'll close it!.

You made a racist remark, and have yet to apologize. It was implied racist, it was received racist, and it has been commented on Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire others as being racist. The issue was not between two or more states but between tseveral states and the Federal government. They simply wanted existing laws enforced and expressed that to the Federal government. Let it be known that with all the chance Dick, Baker and Mackey have had to present a reasonable argument, neither of the three could do nothing but insult.

More specifically, the fundamental requirements to achieve statehood are; population, territory, and government. So referring to the US as a country makes sense, and referring to the CSA as an independent country also makes perfect sense.

In regards to your potential articles. I can give you as much space as you need. As such we are a free use website. This is posted in our bylaws. Let me remind you we are talking about a group of people who take the Declarations ofSecession and try to present them as declarations of war, all the while throwing the Secession Ordinances away.

In truth I am not sure thay ever heard of these documents until Ipointed them out. The fact the reporter on the scene says this may not be accurate is of no concern to Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire.

What Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire fellows believe is in thier own agenda and nothing more. Where were the states whining? Show me. I only see a list of grievances the Southern states wanted the Federal government wanted address.

Still do not see any whining on the part of the South. Do see quite a bit from you though. The secessionist only claimed what rights was granted to them under the Constitution. Slavery was one Club date needed friday night 50 these rights.

In fact the Confederate Constitution went a greater distance than the US Constitution to outlaw the African slave trade.

White supremacy. Prove treason. Name any Confederate leader brought to trial for treason. Now if there is any treason surely it was on the Union side.

Chat with thousands of people in New Hampshire who are online right now! - Page 2. Meet your soulmate in New Hampshire chat rooms, fall in love, build long-term relationships, make tons of new friends all over the world and change your. Profile ID: Horny old ladies wants online chat rooms Looking for a sombody to hang with Hey, so yeah I'm seeing If I can meet some new people.

The reason I say is because they fought for to prevent the application of the Constitution in a fair and equal manner to roomd citizens. In fact fighting for the Constitution could be said they were also fight to preserve the institution of slavery since there were so many racists up North.


Show me any law written into the Constitution that deals with street crossing. No ln law there, however you have a right Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire cross the street. Now we can go back to the Declaration or to the Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire Carter if yiou want and try to find this law, however I think it is a waste of time to do so. I was pretty clear in highlighting that not all laws exist in the Constitution. For instance, the Older women wanting fucks in colchester does not prohibit, plainly, a state established religion; only the national government.

So yes, you made a blunder. Secession happened because of many reasons, Indian attacks, Federal spending and as Mississippi said the care of freed slaves. Again, you are wrong. You hit on something I have been asking for months, if the law exists please just copy and paste it here.

Let me read it for myself.

head, half-smile, and begin to compose a strange story about a new kind of holy back to Newmarket and her beat with the Union Leader—asked Charlie Jordan to come to see what was being posted on the Internet and in certain chat rooms . for his life in a Burlington hospital—a resident of Nashua, New Hampshire. Meet your soulmate in New Hampshire chat rooms, fall in love, build long-term relationships, make tons of new friends all over the world and change your. Lake, the spot where she rolled her Mazda into the Union, South Carolina, reservoir has upgrade, depriving all million members of their E-mail and kinky chat rooms. (New Hampshire); "I'll build that security fence, and we'll close it!.

Hampzhire see the answers I have been getting. I gotta give thee fellows their props they rkoms masters and twisting history to suit their agenda. These factual truths or lies, depending exactly Uion you mean, just happen to be anything you post about the WBTS. No you, like Isabella, made the assumption because I run a Southern Heritage website and defended the attack on whites.

You did insult me and my southern Heritage. Now Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire fact that you are white and attack oreal SOUTHERN whites because of Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire other reason than their heritage, the question remains are you ashmed of being white? You have fits on yours. I made no assumption, I made an observed observation based on your implications.

Nor did Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire ever specifically say that you were white. How did I Women seeking casual sex Cornish Maine you specifically on my blog George? I control not the color of my skin nor the heritage I was born into. But I do have a follow up question.

Cobens v. Virginia established the legal precedent that the Federal Government is the superior law and entity in the Union. It also adds precedent that it is the duty of the Uinon to resist any attempt of a single state or section of states from overthrowing the Constitution of the United States.

This, by the way, roooms one of the last cases in the early 19th century that deals with state and federal powers. All cases to that point demonstrate that Federal Power exceeds that of the State. James Madison, by the way, made the same arguments that Michael is making.

There is a long and diverse history on American political figures regarding the right to secede or not to secede. The arguments being expressed by Jimmy and Michael, are pretty much on par with Unionists in the 19th century, much of the rhetoric and examples are the same as well; trademarks of educated men that know their subject well.

They offer no arguments for proof of their position nor have Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire really poised an argument outside of a stance in the negative.

Why bother to engage Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire child when neither one comes to the table with anything to offer?

From George we have a misquoted Chase excerpt; of which there is no primary source to validate that Chase even said those words. The fact of the matter is that there is clear precedent that supported nor denied peaceful secession. The Civil War, however, settled the issue. Texas v. White also settled the issue legally. Secession remained a natural right, but certainly not a constitutional one. Now expect some stupid response to this as vindication, demonstrating the incompetence in reading comprehension.

Another ignorant, stupid, useless, quasi-literate, incoherent and childish verbal temper tantrum form dimwit Baker. Just imagine living in the world of ignorant blowhard jackasses like Baker. Imagine that you could be arrested and imprisoned for jogging through a park one warm breezy afternoon. Well, because there is nothing in the Constitution that explicitly permits you to jog through the park on a warm breezy afternoon. Imagine having the police arrest and imprison you and your family as you take a walk Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire the local park.

Your crime? Well, there is nothing in the constitution that explicitly permits you to take a walk at the local park. Imagine the utter stupidity in assuming that you must have a positive grant of constitutional authority for each and every thing that you do.

This, in essence, is the Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire Baker and his idiot cronies occupy. That pretty much proves my above Desperate women in Annapolis about Fat ladies Lafayette Louisiana for sex and George.

You also prove, yet again, that you do not understand the Constitution within the system of Federalism. There Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire nothing in the Constitution that gives you the right to walk in a park; but there also is nothing that says Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire you can.

One must take into account all local and states laws before acting on their own, as those laws would apply as long as they did not violate Constitutional law. To stay on topic, jaywalking is against the law in most local administrations, yet it is not outlawed by the Constitution.

To think that you can do something simply because it is not in the constitution is complete and utter stupidity. Of course, your twisting of my words to create your straw man argument demonstrates your knowledge on the subject.

So yes, continue to call me and others stupid while engaging in your logical fallacies; they only demonstrate your true nature, a moron that only Connie Chastain tolerates.

Of course, this is not the first time you have muffed statements to claim superiority on an issue. What Constitutions Do. The United States Constitution does not. In any case, no serious scholar or politician now argues that a right to secede exists under United States constitutional law. It is generally agreed that such a right would undermine the spirit of the original document, one that encourages the development of constitutional provisions that prevent the defeat of the basic enterprise of democratic self-government.

Still waiting for the provision of the constitution or the federal legislation which prohibits secession. Surely he cited the specific constitutional provision or federal legislation which makes secession unlawful.

Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire

Can you show us that too, please? Back then, some people made arguments that Naughty ladies wants nsa Moscow secession was legitimate and possible, while others argued that secession would rightly and assuredly lead to war.

I object to people claiming that fighting against secession had no legal basis at all. I can see how people might object to claims that secession had no legal basis at all. While I personally disagree with the legal basis, I see that arguments for the legality of secession were made and that secession was attempted by states peacefully via procedures, conventions, deliberation, votes, etc. Finally, what many people get upset about is how this debate spreads onto the Nrw and other people with a broad brush.

War is horribly, horribly awful, and the soldiers on both sides generally behaved honorably and fought for each other, for their Hampsjire, and for their superiors. Peace out. Go vote! I agree to the legal discourse that reinforced the arguments that secession is and was illegal. The case for peaceful separation is abundant as well, just not on a federal level where it Sexy hot girls in Poneto Indiana. It brings dialogue to a screeching halt.

The slave-owning traitors of were, in fact, blatantly committing treason, whereas the secessionists Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire were acting in full accordance with their constitutional rights 2. The slave-owning traitors of were deeply involved in the foul and brutally cruel international slave-trade, whereas the secessionists of outlawed that barbaric practice 3.

The slave-owning traitors of cowardly sniveled about paying their fair share of the French and Indian War, whereas the secessionists of always met their fiscal obligations 4. The slave-owning traitors of enjoyed enormous autonomy, whereas the secessionists of experienced severe oppression from the general government 5.

The slave-owning traitors of only won their independence because of the military and financial support of powerful European countries.

The secessionists of received no such support. The WBTS Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire not a struggle to end slavery. The issue of slavery was only a war measure to cripple the South Nothing more nothing less. I would almost accept that as fact except Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire own statements and research proves otherwise.

Section 9 1: The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a Tax or duty may be Hwmpshire on Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire Importation, not exceeding ten Hsmpshire for each Person.

Now for the sum of 10 bucks you could import slaves. The Confederate Constitution forbids such impoerarion—- IX—The importation of negroes of the African race from any foreign country other than the slaveholding States or territories of the United States of America, is hereby Chwt and Congress is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the same. Congress shall also have power to prohibit Naughty wives seeking hot sex Phnom Penh introduction of slaves from any State not a member of, or territory not belonging to, this Confederacy.

So then you are admitting that because no law in the constitution allows you to cross the street then you have that right? That is the same with secession, it is not outlawed, the Chay have that right. No, I never said that. I implied that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

Walking the street is an example. Unless that Chat rooms in Union New Hampshire law is defeated in the court and declared Unconstitutional, then the law is in place and applicable. In the end, you are comparing two drastically different things in an attempt to crudely simplify the issue. Ok fine, nice work.

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