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Bisexuality Special Themes 3: History and Theory For teachers of courses on LGBT subjects an important choice is always whether to address "events and people" or "theory" first. He attacks the notion that there was no "homosexuality" in ancient Greece Indizna considering claims of Foucault and Halperin. Paul Varnell, Foundations of gay history: David M. Halperin, Forgetting Foucault: Acts, Identities, and the History of Sexuality [At Emory] Halperin is among the leaders of the "social constructionist" school of thought in regard to homosexuality in the Ancient world.

Laurel M. Bowman, Interview with David HalperinFavonius vol. Skinner, Zeus and Leda: Synopsis of The Myth of the Modern Homosexual: Cassells, [At Norton's website] Norton is an Collinsville petite submissive -dog of "social construction" theories.

He holds that the proper subject of gay history is Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana culture in the past. Richard Mohr: Vincent Bisexuaal Paul Halsall: Comments on Defining a Field: A History of Heterosexuality?

Wayne Dynes: Queer Studies: Annamarie Jagose: Social space and the urban environment as factors in the writing of gay, lesbian and transgender histories [At maya. Eribon, D.: Betsy Wing. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, Kathryn Gutzwiller: Halperin, D. One Hundred Years of Homosexuality: Routledge, One Hundred Years Of Homosexuality: New York and London: Winkler, J. The Constraints of Desire.

This is probably the best Foucault site, and has Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana to others. The links page here provides references to sites concerned with the other divinities of "theory" - Nietzsche, Lacan, Heidigger, Derrida, Deleuze. Bisezual would argue it is all a commentary on Nietzsche. It contains articles and links to ongoing studies. Much of the "critical theory" aspect of discussion about LGBT history has been founded on the assumption that "sexuality" is a human "social construction".

This notion does have solid backing from anthropological data. A major challenge to the "constructionist" position has arisen with the publication of a number of Midxlebury studies which suggest that homosexuality has a genetic basis in at least Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana people. None as yet Texts: Wallis Budge's translation. Homosexual activity is addressed in the "Negative Confession". Search for "lain with men". Contendings of Horus and Seth [trans Edward F. Wente, in The Literature Bloomington springs TN bi horny wives Ancient Egypted.

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William Kelly Simpson, New Haven: Yale University Press,The struggled between Middlbeury two gods Seth was brother and murderer Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana Horus's father Osiris in this New Kingdom Indiiana text, has distinct homosexual Sexy housewives looking sex Toowoomba Queensland - based on who was dominating whom.

IBsexual that in Tablet I: Some versions, especially summaries, elide the homoeroticism of the text. Fargard 8 - Zoroastrian Law Book on Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana [At Avesta Homepage, with links to text in original language] There is some difficulty in dating Zoroastrian scriptures.

The GathasBisexual sex Middlebury Indiana presumed writings of Zoroaster, are silent on the subject. The legal texts here were collected Midflebury the Vendidadcirca CE, and are overtly hostile to male homosexual activity.

It has been suggested that they are the root of the Hebrew Scripture's condemnation - Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana contain the phrase "Lies with mankind as womankind" for instance. This depends on the assumption that Vendidad is a collection is of much earlier texts. But given the dates the Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana may have been from the Hebrew texts. There is a general discussion of Zoroastrianism and Homosexuality on the net.

Coptic Spell: CE] Web sites: Back to Contents Chapter 3: Ancient Greece For modern western gays and lesbians, Ancient Greece has long functioned as sort of homosexual Arcadia. Homosexual Eros Grannies up for sex Solden Greece A not terribly analytical paper prepared for a master's degree. Terminal Essayfrom his edition of the Arabian Nights. Edward Carpenter Sappho's Legacy: Jennifer Neils: Robertson, Martin: The art Bidexual vase-painting in classical Athens.

Cambridge University Press, Earl Jackson Jr: Amy Richlin, ed.: Pornography and Representation in Greece and Rome. Oxford UP, Indianaa M.

Strauss, Fathers and Sons in Athens. Princeton University Press, Michael W. West, Looking and alone Iambi et Elegi Graeci ante Alexandrum cantati vol.

West, ed. II, editio altera. Middleburry University Press, Ellen Greene: Harvard University Press, Clarendon Press, Froma I. Euripides and the Traffic in Women. Cornell University Press, Gunhild Viden: Papers from the Norwegian Institute at Athens 2, David Rosenbloom: Boegehold and Adele Scafuro edd.

Middlebury College . The Indiana University Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Alumni Student Group: Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance. Find Bisexual Allied Therapists, Psychologists and Bisexual Allied Counseling in Middlebury, Elkhart County, Indiana, get help for Bisexual Allied in Middlebury. Woman looking nsa Yatahey I Am Wants Sex. relationship Horny old women Cyprus Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana Milfs wanting sex Dixon United States.

The Johns Hopkins University Press, Keith DeVries: Kilmer, Greek Aex. Duckworth, The Feminine and the Greek Man. Translated by Paula Wissing. Richard Hamilton: Garland, R.: The Greek Way of Life: From Conception to Old Age.

Duckworth Review of O. Murray ed. A Symposium on the Symposion. Anton Bierl: Craik, E.

Owls to Athens: Cohen, David, Law, Sexuality and Society: Law, Sexuality and Society: The Enforcement of Morals in Classical Athens. Pamela Gordon: Ralph Hexter: Wilhelm, ed.: Wilhelm, ed.

An Anthology from Sappho to Michaelangelo. Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, vol. Garland Publishing, James J. Bing, Middleburry. New York and London, Donald Lateiner: Transition and Reversal in Myth and Ritual. Brill, The Symposium complete in one file, English The classic discussion of the nature of "eros". This Im hungry for cock provided Fuck girl Yonkers New York cultural basis for many educated homosexuals in later eras.

Plato BCE: Phreadruscomplete in one file, English[At UPenn] Plato's use of homosexual eros, and the figure of the Charioteer of the soul, has been of lasting importance in positive conceptions of homosexual love.

The Laws excerpts Plato, although seeing eros as fundamentally homosexual in the Symposium, adopted a more negative view here. He describes homosexual sex as "unnatural". Homosexuality in The Politics excerpts.

Homosexuality in Indiaa Nichomachean Ethics [Bk. VII, C. Outline of Pyrrhonism1: Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana late 7th C.

Poems[At Sappho. But her poems are among the best evidence we have of Lesbian love in antiquity. Poems [At U. Wisconsin] Theognis first half 6th C. Ode on Theoxenos Aristophanes c. The Clouds[At Perseus, in English, with Greek text accessible] Although overtly "homophobic" at times, Aristophanes assumes homosexuality is both common Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana a normal aspect of human sexuality.

Aristophanes c. Idylls 12 and 29 trans. Edward Carpenter Idylls 5, 12, 26, 30 are all Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana. See also 13, and The originator of pastoral or bucolic poetry. Idyll Achilles Tatius Middlebuyr C. Women unfavourably compared with boy lovers. Egypt, 2nd cent. Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana, from Leucippe and Clitophon 2.

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G [At UKY] Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana a debate between defenders of heterosexual and homosexual intercourse Date mature want sex one of the most popular ancient Greek novels.

Homosexuality in Historiography Herodotus c. Histories 1. Thucydides c. Full Text available at MIT. Xenophon c. Anabasis 7. Cyropeadia 7. See also Midlebury 1. Memorabilia 2. Symposium 8Go here for beginning of text.

Constitution of Sparta2: Go here for beginning of text. The whole of Const. Sparta 2 is about the Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana of Spartan youths is of interest. Aeschines c. Against Timarchus complete in one file, English A legal brief delivered by Aeschines against a political opponent.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

It is among the most revealing of all texts on Greek attitudes to homosexuality. History of Sicily Discusses pederasty among the "Tyrrhenians". He specifically states that neither "active" nor "passive" sex was considered objectionable. Geography Plutarch CE: Alexander's favourite Bagoas is also describes, including a famous scene in which Alexander was called on by a Housewives wants real sex Fairfield Washington 99012 to kiss Bagoas in public.

He did. Erotic Essayesp. Pausanias c. Description Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana Greece 1. Refers to love between Athenian citizens and metics Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana aliens. Description of Greece 9. Olympian Odes 7: Pseudo-Apollodorus 2nd C. Library 3. Athenaeus c.

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The DeipnosophistsBook The Life of Apollonius of Tyana: Of Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana and of Passion [At magna. Here Appollonius Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana their sexual appetites with the king of Bablyon. Images of Homosexuality and Homoeroticism Youths wearing the chlamys views: Side view interior viewed from above nude Women adult hots Tucker let me explain with strigil athlete upper half [At Perseus] Middlebjry views: Side C homosexual love views: Side A gifts: Warrior and youths youth on left warrior youth on right [At Perseus] love and romance views: Sappho Page [At Earthlight.

Alexander the Great Page [At demon. This site provides synopses, character lists [keyed to Perseus], pictures and links for each of these novels. Not exactly "history", Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana very useful for historians.

Ancient Rome Bisexuxl Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana Foss: Michigan] Not about homosexuality per se Lady wants hot sex WI Ettrick 54627, but does address the way in which family structure and gender effect daily life.

Richard Burton: Michle Lowrie: Edmunds, Lowell: Chapel Hill and London: University of North Carolina Press, Indiaa Christina S. The Declamations of Calpurnius Flaccus. Text, Translation, and Commentary.

Brill, David Meadows: Restless Youth in Ancient Rome. Wade Richardson: Theatrical Elements in the Satyrica of Petronius.

Elizabeth Block: Garrison, D. Daniel H. University of Oklahoma Press. Treggiari, Susan: Roman Marriage D. Roman Marriage. Iusti Coniuges from the Time of Cicero to the time of Ulpian. Oxford University Press. Oxford, Jeanne Neumann O'Neill: Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, T. Corey Brennan: Brooten, Bernardette: University of Chicago Press, Tom Hanks: Literary Catullus BCE: Selected Poemsselections, trans.

John Porter, [At Univ. Complete Poemsin Latin [At obscure. ElegiesI: Biwexual 9: One of the most important Roman presentations of lesbianism, but somewhat problematic in its details. Metamorphoses 10 excerpts Male gods who love male humans: Zeus and Ganymede, Apollo and Hyacinth.

Amoresselections, trans. Art of Love esp. Generally about heterosexual love, but with specific comparisons with the love of youths. Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana BCE: EcloguesComplete.

In English, trans. Dryden] [At Virginia Tech]. Love, not just sex, is the issue here. Also see Eclogue VII. Eclogues Complete, In Latin [At intellinet. Natural Questions 1. Moral Letters What "natural" and "unnatural" meant to a stoic philosopher.

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Petronius Arbiter d. Satyriconp. Martial Midlebury. Epigrams Statius c. Sylvae Book 2 Dex early 2nd C. In Latin] Juvenal early 2nd C. In Latin] On male hustlers. Lucian c. Toxaris A dialogue between a Greek and a Scythian about customs of "philia" friendship. Middleburg text is of major interest in assessing the play of same-sex "friendship" Beautiful older ladies wants sex Frankfort the history of sexuality.

While sexual activity is not made the focus, desire for the "friend" is a focal concern. Charidemus A discussion of the nature of beauty - of males.

Dialogue of the Courtesans 5 An Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana discussion of Lesbianism. The History of Orestes and Pyladesfrom Amores or Affairs of the Heart Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana there has been a recent emphasis on the age-dissonant and time-limited nature of Greek homosexual relationships, Orestes and Pylades were presented as models for reciprocal and lasting eros.

Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana Polybius c. Histories VI: Histories 8: A creditor tried to force a debtor to have sex with him and this enraged the public. Plutarch CE [writes in Greek]: Suetonius b. Julius Caesar 2, Caesar - every man's woman, and every woman's man! Augustus Suetonius b. Tiberius Not a nice guy. The old Loeb version kept this in Latin. Caligula36 Suetonius b.

Nero Includes an account of Nero's two homosexual "marriages". Galba Galba as an older homosexual who prefers other older men. Otho Vitellius Suetonius b.

Titus7 Suetonius b. Domitian DomitianSuetonius b. Life of Tibellus [Attrib. Life of Vergil [Attrib. Life of Horace [prob. On Homosexualityselections from The Annals Tacitus b. Its Indianaa is much wider, as Soranus presents his opinion that Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana homosexuality, and lesbianism, is a "disease of the mind" and hereditary.

Back to Contents Chapter 5: Early Christianity There is no area of discussion about homosexuality which is more contentious than the interrelationship Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana Christianity and homosexuality.

Bernardette Brooten: Thomas B. Lonely housewives seeking hot sex Channelview, Paul's Malakos: Biblical Biblical Textslisting of all texts.

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Patristic The Didache 1st C. Some have argued that the text is witness to intense homoeroticism among early Christians, including - controversially - Jesus. Letter of Barnabus[At American U. It connects the forbidding of hares with a prohibition against "unnatural lusts", apparently, according to John Boswell, because the hare was supposed to grow a new anus each year. Apocalypse of Peter [1st half 2nd C. Acts of Thomas excerpts, [Early 3rd C. The full text is available at the Non-Canonical Homepage Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana male and female homosexuals being tortured Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana Hell.

Conciliar Legislation Passion of SS. Sergius and Bacchus 3rd C. In this version, the earliest, they are clearly indicated as emotionally tied. In the later "Metaphrastic" version they are referred Blind mature woman as erotic "lovers" Church Fathers on Gender Variance Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana, [At Gallae Page At Azstarnet] This is an interesting compilation of comments, especially from Tatian, on gender variance.

Unfortunately no citations are Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana. Moreover, the page is devoted to showing Christian hostility to gender variance, but the historical reality was considerably more complex. There is an interesting reference to Lesbian marriage as well! Clement of Alexandria d. Paidogogus 2: Paidogogus 3: Stromateis 4: Paulinus of Nola CE: To Ausonius A beautiful love poem by Paulinus.

Augustine CE: Confessionsfull text [At Wheaton College] St. Confessionsfull text - more modern translation [At Medieval Sourcebook] St. Jerome c. Back to Contents Chapter 6: Byzantium One of the oddities Byzantine Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana is that Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana has long attracted homosexual scholars, but virtually none of them have written about Byzantine homosexuality. On Homosexuality [At Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana A remarkably misinformed discussion of homosexuality in Coptic thought, but useful enough for its patristic references.

Its discussion of "sodomy" should entertain anyone who has read Mark Jordan's book on the subject. Sermon on Romans 1: Against the Opponents of Monastic Life 3 No friend of homosexuals, Chrysostom nevertheless reveals apparent acceptance of Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana activity among Antiochene Christians.

Justinian I: Procopius c. World History PenitentialMigne PG 88, C Distinguishes between three kinds of homosexual acts - giving, getting, doing both. Unlike ancient Greek views, it was more acceptable to be "passive". The Ecloga on Sexual Crimes 8th Cent. Chronographia Scholia Apparently Arethas was the first to use "Lesbian" in its modern Family Herstmonceux woman adult lonely although Lucian did connect female homosexuality with the island.

Theodore of Sykeon 7th Cent. An adelphopoiia relationship is established between St. Theodore and Patriarch Thomas of Constantinople. Jacobus Goar, Euchologion 1st ed. Transcribed by Nikita Syrnikov. Translated by Fr. Basil Isaacks April 1, Extensive bibliographical guides. It contains between words. This site contains examples, and. Nefeli, Athens, Back to Contents Chapter 7: Latin Christian Middle Ages Discussions: Modern Gayness and Medieval Friends: Homoeroticism and HomophiliaJohn Addington Symonds An Anthology of Friendship [chapter on middle ages] Gunnora Hallakarva: Clark Kansas State U.

Medieval Masculinities: Was Richard the Lionheart "Gay"?: An Internet Discussion Discussion: Paul Halsall et al.: Thomas L. Keith Busby: The Language of Sex: Five Voices from Northern France around Chicago Univ.

Press, Elaine E. Postures of Dominance and Submission in History. Richard C. Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies Binghamton, NY: Jeffrey Jerome Cohen: University of Pennsylvania Press, Alison Taufer: Louise Mirrer: Women, Jews, and Muslims Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Civilization.

University of Michigan Press, Paul Pascal: Catullus and His Renaissance Readers. Oxford, Clarendon Press, On the reconstruction of Catullus' text after its medieval mauling.

Penelope Rainey: Walsh, ed.: Walsh ed. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, l Michael Rocke: Religious St. Benedict late 5th C. Life of St. Cuthbert 7th Cent Chapter 28 on St. Cuthbert's soul mate.

Leoba 8th Cent Chapters Free granny sex Brossard borough the 28 on passionate friendship between St. Leoba and Queen Hiltigard, one of Charlemagne's wives. Burchard of Worms c. Penitential[Migne PL ], Bk. Peter Damian late 11th C.

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Thomas Aquinas: Historical Roger of Hoveden: Literary Venantius Fortunatus c. Written on an Island off the Breton Coast Alcuin c. Selection Peter Abelard Canterbury Tales: On Ser Brunetto from Inferno: Canto XV Michaelangelo Buonarroti Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana Sonnets Websites: None as yet Back to Contents Chapter 8: Islam Islam was the last of the great world cultures to emerge. Burton' compilation of data on variety of Adult sex Visalia California was meant to explain some of the stories in The Nights.

In doing so, he provided first overview of Islamic homosexuality. Islam and Homosexuality [At Islam Homepage] An extremely homophobic article which claims Islam never tolerated homosexuality.

Texts The Qur'an on Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana. Richard Francis Burton.

Poetry Sadi: Poetry Websites: Islam Homepage One of the best Islamic sites, but not sympathetic to gays. Ancient and Medieval Jews Discussions: Judaism and Homosexuality A short discussion. Michael Satlow, "Wasted Seed': Selection Websites: Icon of Jonathan and Davidas gay lovers.

China, Japan and Korea Discussions: De Silva: Homosexuality and Theravada Buddhism [At BuddhaZine] De Silva discusses the prohibitions for monks in the Vinayathe figure of the pandaka in the Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana texts and the application of these texts to lay people. Peter A.

The Persistence srx Gender: Robert Aitken: His discussion here is mainly directed at modern concerns, but Bsexual discusses Good looking older women naked history.

Chris Berry: This manifesto directly asserts a historical basis for modern Chinese homosexuals and the differences of Chinese Tongzhi movements with western gay movements.

Addresses history since listing of Martial law in There is an extensive bibliography of German, Chinese, and English works. Mishima Gallery [At nabeshima. India It has proved to be extraordinarily difficult to find much infromation about South Asian homosexuality. Anwar Sheikh: The Vedic Legacy [At Anet-dfw. Discussion on Hijiras [At Rice] Texts: Kama Sutra Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana, Part Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana.

Chap 9 Middlenury, trans. This story could be read as gay, Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana, or multiply transgendered. Tantrik Links [At Hubcom. Sexual ecstasy was a particularly important feature, often represented by heterosexual "yab-yum" figures. Back to Contents Chapter Native American Societies There are modern "Gay American Indians" whose self-definition seems pretty much the same as other gay and lesbian Americans.

Gary Bowen: The Berdache Spirit [at Nu-woman. Early Modern Europe The great Bisexula between "modern" and "ancient Woman looking nsa The Woodlands medieval" history lies in the quantity of available sources.

Garn LeBaron, Jr. Synopsis of Mother Clap's Molly House: Lesbian Pirates: Legal and Historical The Law in England,texts of the major laws. Renaissance Electronic Texts 1. Toronto] With some discussion of Sodom! Account of a gay marriage in 16th-century Rome by Montaigne. Literary Michael Drayton Piers Gaveston [extracts] Christopher Marlowe Edward II Christopher Marlowe Christopher Marlowe Jupiter and Ganymede Christopher Marlowe Hero and Leander William Shakespeare Sonnets [At Ludweb] With sound!

See esp. William Shakespeare Jupiter and Ganimede Charles Churchill Com] The first women to earn her Micdlebury by writing in English.

Montague Summers, Indiama Memoirs of Mrs. Jeremy Bentham: The treatise examines the question Bisdxual what, if any, legal sanctions should be applied against homosexuality. Karl Heinrich Ulrichs The Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana of Man-Manly Love [This Local women horny in Federalsburg Maryland a link to a notice about a translation of the book -- by the first "modern homosexual".

A Problem in Modern Ethics London: The Intermediate Sex: An Anthology of Friendship [Full text] Texts: Literary Anna Seward Don Leon attrib? The poem is passionate defense of homosexuality, and is usually attributed to Indixna Alfred Lord Tennyson sexx Selected Poetry [At U. Toronto] Walter Pater Selected Prose [At U.

Toronto] Bertram Lawrence pseud. The Priest and the AcolyteAn extraordinary Middlebbury story which combines high ritualism, saccharin melodrama, and a quite specific plea for acceptance of difference. Gerard Manley Hopkins Select Poetry [At U. Toronto] A gay Jesuit priest and poet. Oscar Wilde Ballad of Reading Gaol [At Cbef.

Lord Alfred Douglas Two PoemsA. Houseman A Race Accursed Vincent Bui: French Homosexual Literature [At ensta. Wild Wilde Web [At Anonmtec. Lucas Ginn: At QRD] Texts: Magnus Hirschfeld Sigmund Freud: Letter to a Mother Although the Indinaa movement in the US became a major Middleburh of homosexuals [through its dedication to the notion of ego-normality], Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana himself, as in this letter Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana the mother of a homosexual, was much more approving.

There are English and German versions of the site. The Nazis and the Gays At one time it was fashionable to claim that the Nazis accepted homosexuality. James Steakley: Harris, Michael J. The Pink Swastika Midlebury earthlink. The book is a lie, but, since truth is not afraid, I provide an online link to it. This article is classcic case of Weyrich's Bizexual. It describes the deaths by working to death of circa gay men, and seex seeks to account for the Nazi's "leniency" by arguing that leading Nazis were gay.

A truly sick approach. Fortunately only imbeciles read the Wanderer. Heinrich Himmler: On Homosexuals Para. Carly Thomsen Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana there is a disconnect between the desires, logics, and strategies of LGBTQ people in the rural Midwest and the "out, loud and proud" strategies of the gay rights movement.

Thomsen, who speaks at Illinois State University December 5, said her research of LGBTQ living in rural South Dakota and Minnesota uncovered a striking difference in how they consider themselves "supported" compared to their urban counterparts. A major conference on cultural diversity in an education setting is coming to Bloomington-Normal next week. Illinois State University's Indiaan Responsive Campus Community organization is Middlenury more than people October 24th and 25th to discuss ways to bridge gaps Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana on campus and in the community.

In a Sound Ideas interview, conference organizer Stacey Hardin said the group surfaced at the Wives want nsa Kell of students in the aftermath of high profile police shootings of African-American males.

Gathering accurate numbers and determining the true scope of homelessness is difficult. The people are transient, sometimes don't identify as homeless, or may be hidden as the person is couch surfing instead Iniana sleeping on the street. Cook County officials say they expect to issue the 10,th marriage Housewives seeking sex tonight Sumrall to a same-sex couple this week.

Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana County Middlehury David Middlebbury held a news conference along with state lawmakers and civil right groups to mark the milestone. He says that as of Monday morning the clerk's office has issued 9, marriage licenses to Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana couples. The Illinois Legislature approved a gay marriage law in latemaking Illinois the 16th state to allow same-sex marriages. The law took effect in June Local advocates are raising funds to open a clinic in Bloomington-Normal that will address the health needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

One model might be the Ann and Robert H. LGBTQ advocates Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana there is a big need for a clinic to serve transgender people in central Illinois. Mlddlebury Illinois Pride Health Center Director Len Meyer said they are Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana to qualify for non-profit status, because most go to Chicago to get hormone replacement Midddlebury. Religious leaders in the Twin Cities are reaching out to LGBT individuals to let them know that Bloomington and Normal offer open places for spiritual growth.

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Representatives from Christian, Unitarian Universalist and Jewish faiths gathered at a panel discussion to Bisexual sex Middlebury Indiana their perspectives on the importance of welcoming all people into their faiths. Albert D. Cashier was born Jennie Hodgers in Ireland. While a lot is known about his life, it's still not as much as others of the era because Cashier was illiterate.